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Selenium Telluride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Selenium telluride is a semiconductor compound, which is available with powder, ingot, wafer and sputtering target. It is gray crystalline powder. Tellurium powder and selenium powder are the raw materials

Selenium Telluride

CAS No.:12067-42-4 Molecular Formula:SeTe Molecular Weight:206.56 Purity:99.999%
Cu Ag Mg Sb Ni Bi
0.2ppm 0.2ppm 0.5ppm 0.5ppm 0.2ppm 0.5ppm
In Fe Cd Al Pb Hg
0.5ppm 0.5ppm 0.2ppm 0.5ppm 0.5ppm 0.1ppm


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Selenium tetrachloride

Selenium tetrachloride is the inorganic compound composed with the formula SeCl4.It is used in the synthesis of other selenium compounds.

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Semicarbazide is a derivative of urea. It is used as a detection reagent on thin layer chromatography. Semicarbazide stains α-keto acids on the TLC plate, which must then be viewed under a UV light to see the results.

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Silver Coated Copper Powder Industrial Grade 99.9%

Silver coated copper powder is highly conductive filler, which is a kind of new conductive composite powders. It is stable at room temperature and pressure, which is not easy to oxidize. The resistance is stable too. When adding in coating, glue, ink, polymer paste, plastic and rubber, they are conductive products and electromagnetic shielding products.

Silver Coated Copper Powder

There are different Ag content as 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% and so on. Different shapes are available too as flake, spherical, dendritic. So particle size does as 325mesh, 400mesh, 600mesh, 800mesh and so on.

Material: copper particles that are coated by silver

Color: silver-copper / silvery white

Forms: flakes, dendritic

Particle size: D50 5-8μm, 12-25μm


Apparent Density:1.2-1.6g/cm3

Tap Density:2-2.2g/cm3

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Silver Nitrate

Silver Nitrate is used as a staining compound for identification of proteins and nucleic acids.

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Silver Powder Industrial Grade 99.9%

Silver powder is a ultra fine precious metal particles, which has best electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity among all metal elements. Its reflectivity is extremely high, which can reach above 99%. Silver nano powder is insoluble in water, but resolve in dilute nitric acid and hot concentrated sulfuric acid. Its chemical property is stable and doesn’t react with moisture and oxygen in air. Inhaling or touching silver ultra fine powder or smog cause blue grey spot slowly, which would never fade away. Please be cautious when handling. Ultra fine silver powder’s processing is reduction from silver nitrate solution.

Silver Powder

CAS No.:7440-22-4 EINECS No.:231-131-3 Molecular Formula:Ag Molecular Weight:107.87
Melting Point:960℃ Boiling Point:2164℃ Density:10.49 Electrical Conductivity:63*106
Heat Conductivity:429 Specific Resistance:1.586*10-8 Electronegativity:1.93 Specific Heat:232


In electronic industry, silver ultra fine  powder applies to prepare sintered conductive paste with high temperature  and conductive coating. It is main conductive content for thick film ink. The silver paste using silver ultra fine powder has many advantages, for instance, good wettability, good printing, excellent sintering film. It applies to make thick film mixture IC, resistor, multi-layer capacitor and sensitive element.

Nano silver powder can apply to conductive magnetic material, high-performance catalyst and antibacterial agent. However sheet silver powder mainly applies to conducting coating layer and conductive pole of low temperature silver paste.

Silver powder also can apply to process alloys, high pure silver salts and high pure analytical reagents. It is for coating silver and doping.

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Silver Proteinate

Silver Proteinate is used in electron microscopy with periodic acid and thiocarbohydrazide or thiosemicarbohydrazide as a positive stain for carbohydrates such as glycogen.It can also be used for light microscopy to stain nerve tissue.Silver Proteinate is also used in histological stain for microscopic analysis.

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Sodium 1,2-naphthoquinone-4-sulfonate

Sodium 1,2-naphthoquinone-4-sulfonate is a chemical reagent used to measure levels of amines and amino acids. The reagent produces a bright red color in alkaline solutions and is also fluorescent.

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Sodium Acetate

Sodium Acetate formula designated as C2H3NaO2. It is the sodium salt of acetic acid and has white deliquescent hygroscopic powder appearance. Sodium acetate has many practical uses as the sulfuric acid neutralizer in the textile industry, cosmetics preservative, tanning agent in the leather industry, other users also find in detergents, pulp & paper, and personal care products.

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Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

Sodium Acetate Trihydrate is formed by the reaction of acetic acid and sodium hydroxide.It is used in dyes & colour intermediates, pharmaceuticals, cinnamic acid, soaps, photography, purification of glucose.It is also used in meat preservation, medicine, electroplating, tanning, dehydrating agent, buffer, lab reagent, food additives.

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