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Leuprolide Acetate EP Impurity D

Impurity in commercial preparations of Leuprolide.

Methyltriphenylphosphonium Bromide

Methyltriphenylphosphonium bromide is widely used for methylenation via the Wittig reaction.

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Nickel Metal Chunks Purified 99.9%

Nickel slug is metal cylinder of silver color, which is a sputtering target as evaporation coating material. Its size is customizable. Surface treatment is agains the clients’ requirements.

CAS No.:7440-02-0 EINECS No.:231-853-9 Molecular Formula:Ni Molecular Weight:58.71
Melting Point:1455℃ Boiling Point:2732℃ Density:8.90 Purity:99.99%

It can applies to metal coating.


Potassium Chloraurate Purified 99%

potassium chloroaurate potassium chloraurate potassium tetrachloroaurate(III)

noble metal compound salt

precious salt


gold plating, pigment

Potassium Tetrachloroplatinate(II)

Potassium tetrachloroplatinate(II) is an important reagent for the preparation of other coordination complexes of platinum. It consists of potassium cations and the square planar dianion PtCl42-.

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Rhenium Rod Industrial Grade 99.9%

Rhenium metal is silvery rod, bar, stick, plate, sheet, foil, strip, coil and powder. It exists in soot from calcinator for molybdenite and copper ore, which is byproduct of refining molybdenum and copper. Ammonium perrhenate (NH4ReO4) and potassium perrhenate(KReO4) are the raw materials.  Its chemical properties are close to manganese and technetium.

Rhenium Metal 

CAS No.:7440-15-5 EINECS No.: 231-124-5 Molecular Formula:Re Molecular Weight:186.207
Melting Point:3180℃ Boiling Point:5900℃ Density:21.04 UN 3178 4.1/PG 2


Rhenium metal bar is mainly for nickel-rhenium alloys, which apply to manufacturing combustor, turbine blade and exhaust nozzle of jet engine.  These alloys contains 6% rhenium at highest.

Rhenium can enhance physical property of tungsten. W-Re alloys have better plasticity at low temperature and high-temperature stability is better too, which is easy to process and shape. The change increase with the amount of rhenium increase, so W-Re alloy contains 27% rhenium, which is also the solublity limit of rhenium in tungsten. The alloys can apply to X-ray sources and thermocouple

In chemical industry, rhenium metal powder can use as catalyst for dehydrogenation.  Rhenium metal powder is raw material for Pt-Re catalys that is for producing gasoline without lead and high octane.  It is for spectral analysis too.

Silicon Carbide Crystal IP 99.999%

High Purity Silicon Carbide Crystal of SiC wafer production

SiC 99.999% 99.9999% 5N 6N

Sodium Oxalate FOOD GRADE > 99.5 %

Sampan Enterprises is one of the few manufacturers and suppliers of Pure Grade / LR Grade Sodium Oxalate in India. Sodium Oxalate is widely used in the manufacture of electroplating chemicals, metal finishing industry and fireworks industry.

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