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Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogen Sulfate

Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogen Sulfate is a clear,Hygroscopic liquid.They show a variety of physical, chemical, and biological properties.It has the tendency of locating at the interface of two phases (liquid–liquid or solid–liquid) to introduce continuity between the two different phase, they have properties of disrupting micro-organisms' cell processes .It is also used as surface-active agents,Antimicrobials,Detergent Sanitisers,Emulsifying Agents and Phase Transfer Catalyst.

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Zinc Ferrite Industrial Grade 99.9%

Zinc ferrite is aeneous powder, which is a kind of soft magnetic materials, but also representative oxidative dehydrogenation catalyst for alkene organic compounds.

Zinc Ferrite

CAS No.: 12063-19-3 EINECS No.: 235-052-5 Molecular Formula:ZnFe2O4 Molecular Weight: 241.08
Purity Size Morphology SSA Ca Co Mn Na Si
99.9% 40nm Spherical 50 <0.032% <0.002% <0.14% <0.20% <0.004%


n,n-dimethyl-p-toluidine A.C.S. 99%

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:



A light yellow coloured oily liquid.


99.0% (min).

Specific Gravity:

0.936 to 0.940 at 200/200C.

Other Organic Impurities:

0.5% (max)

Other Toluidines:

1.0% (max)

Moisture content by KF

0.1% (max)


Hydroiodic Acid 55% to 57% Solution

Hydrogen iodide (HI) is a diatomic molecule. Aqueous solutions of HI are known as hydroiodic acid or hydriodic acid and is a strong acid. HI is used in organic and inorganic synthesis as one of the primary sources of iodine and as a reducing agent. Synonyms: caswellno482c; Hydrogeniodid; hydrogen Hydrideiodine; Hydri0dic acid; HYDRIODIC ACID; HYDRIOTIC ACID; Hydroidic acid; Jodwasserstoff; acidoyodhidricoSR. We are the leading supplier of Hydrogen iodide solution in India, selling it at best price, across the globe. caswellno482c; Hydrogeniodid; hydrogen Hydrideiodine; Hydri0dic acid; HYDRIODIC ACID; HYDRIOTIC ACID; Hydroidic acid; Jodwasserstoff; acidoyodhidrico

1-Pentane Sulphonic Acid Sodium Salt

1-Pentane Sulphonic Acid Sodium Salt is used as an raw material for the synthesis of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals.

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Benzyl Trimethyl Ammonium Tribromide

Benzyl Trimethyl Ammonium Tribromide is a quaternary ammonium compounds used in laboratory, it is also used as disinfection agent and sanitiser.

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Beryllium Oxide Industrial Grade 99%

Beryllium oxide is oxide of beryllium metal, which is highly toxic.  It is white loose powder of B4 type crystal. The pure BeO is insulating to electricity, but conduct heat like metals. BeO slowly dissolve in concentrated acid and hydroxide alkaline solution, hardly dissolve in water. After firing it is hardly soluble in above solutions, which is very hard and own ceramic character. Beryllium(II) oxide has two characters, which can react with acid, also with strong base. It is very stable, but if heating with ammonium hydrogen fluoride or sulfuric acid, it decompose easily. Fresh beryllium monoxide tend to react with acid, alkali and ammonium carbonate to form beryllium salt or beryllium acid salts. Beryllium hydroxide is the raw material.

Beryllium Oxide

CAS No.:1304-56-9 EINECS No.:215-133-1 Molecular Formula:BeO Molecular Weight:25.01
Melting Point:2530℃ Boiling Point:3600℃ Density:2.9 UN 1566 6.1/PG 2


Beryllia is mainly for preparing beryllium alloys and neon light, which is also raw material for refractory material and catalyst for organic synthesis. It is raw material for high thermal conductive beryllium oxide ceramic material.

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