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4,4-methylenebis(N,N-dimethylaniline) is used as dye intermediates and determination of lead, manganese, ozone-sensitive reagents etc. and also in high-performance polymer research.

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4-Aminoazobenzene-3,4-disulfonic acid

4-Aminoazobenzene-3,4-disulfonic acid is an important raw material and intermediate used in organic synthesis.

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Aluminum Sulfide Industrial Grade 99%

Aluminum sulfide is light yellow granules, which has smell of sulfur, which is a kind of metal sulfides. It completely hydrolyze in hot water and turns out aluminum hydroxide and hydrogen sulfide. Aluminium sulphide can hydrolyze in moist air, so it has smell of hydrogen sulfide. When heating, aluminum trisulfide corrode china.  Al2S3 can be reduced by iron and hydrocarbon that get aluminum. When come to sulfur dioxide, it turns out sulfur and aluminum sulfate.  Aluminum powder and sulfur are the raw material.

Aluminum Sulfide

CAS No.: 1302-81-4 EINECS No.: 215-109-0 Molecular Formula:Al2S3 Molecular Weight: 150.16
Melting Point: 1100℃ Boiling Point: 1500℃ Density: 2.02 UN 3134 4.3/PG 3


Baccatin III LAB GRADE 98%min by HPLC

Phytochemicals for research only;
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Calcium Boride Industrial Grade 99.5%

Calcium hexaboride is black powder or particle, which is metal boride. It is insoluble in water. CaB6 would fire if heating to red in air, which oxidize into borate salt 1~2 hours. If heating in sulfur steam, CaB6 ignite and show bright red. Calcium metal piece and amorphous boron powder are the raw material.

Calcium Hexaboride

CAS No.:12007-99-7 EINECS No.:234-525-3 Molecular Formula:CaB6 Molecular Weight:104.95
Density:2.3 Melting Point:2235℃    


Calcium boride uses as boron additive for  Baiyun carboniferous and magnesia dolomite refractory material, which take effects of antioxidant, anti-erosion and improving hot intensity.

CaB6 applies as deoxidizing degrassing agent to  increasing electric conductivity and strength of red copper. It is also a new material in shielding neutron in nuclear industry.

Calcium boride powder is new semiconductor material for spin electronic components at Curie point 900K.  It is also raw material for production of boron trichloride (BCl3) and amorphous boron.

CaB6 particle is raw material for production of high purity metal borides (as TiB2ZrB2, HfB2 and so on) and high pure boron alloys (Ni-B, Co-B, Cu-B and so on).

CaB6 powder uses to make mixture of catalyzer Ca-B nitride (Ca3N2N4) and hexagonal boron nitride.

Calcium boride granule uses as desulfurizing deoxidizing boron-adding agent of boron alloy or boron steel casting .

Calcium hexaboride applies as desoxidant of metal melting.

Cerium Nitride Industrial Grade 99.5%

Cerium nitride is brown powder of NaCl type structure (a=0.501nm), which is soluble in acid. It is stable at high temperature and release ammonia. It react with alkali in electric arc furnace. CeN is dangerous when wet. Cerium sheet or cerium metal is the raw material.

Purity: Ce/RE 99.5%

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:25764-08-3EINECS No.:247-243-0Molecular Formula:CeNMolecular Weight:154.122Density:7.89Melting Point:2557℃  


CeN powder is a kind of semiconductor material, photoelectric material, refractory material and ceramic material.

Erbium Hydride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Erbium hydride is rare earth metal hydride powder including ErH2 crystal and ErH3. It use erbium metal as raw material.

Erbium Hydride

Purity: Er/RE 99.9% 3N

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:13550-53-3 EC No.:236-930-0 Molecular Formula:ErH3 Molecular Weight:170.283


Gallium Metal Industrial Grade 99.99%

Gallium metal is silvery white minor metal, which is liquid when temperature above 29℃, but solid when temperature under it. It is also soft even when solid.Ga is avaliable in liquid, solid, granule. Liquid gallium tends to undercool that mean it would’t solidify even temperature under 0℃. It slightly dissolve in mercury and form gallium amalgam. Liquid gallium can infiltrate glass, so it cannot use glass container to store.

Gallium Metal

Purity:99.99%, 99.999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.: 7440-55-3 EINECS No.: 231-163-8 Molecular Formula: Ga Molecular Weight: 69.723
Melting Point: 29.76℃ Boiling Point: 2403℃ Density: 5.095 UN2803 8/PG 3


Gallium metal mainly apply to produce semiconductor compounds as gallium arsenidegallium nitridegallium phosphide and so on. It is also dopant for semiconductor germanium, silicon.

99.99999% Ga is main raw material for gallium arsenidegallium phosphide and gallium antimonide. Those are for LED and infrared device manufacturing. 8N Ga is mainly for preparing superlattice as gallium source of MBE, quantum well and other advanced semiconductor deveices.

High purity gallium can be as additive for permanent magnet material and other alloys. It is also raw material for high purity alloys.

Liquid gallium is raw material for gallium alloys as gallium-vanadium, gallium-lithium, gallium-zirconium and so on. Those alloys are as superconductor.  It is also essential raw material for low-melting alloys as bismuth alloys, zinc alloys, lead alloys and so on.

Indium Metal Industrial Grade 99.995%

Indium metal covers a series of products as ingot, wire, foil, plate, sheet, granule, shot, bar and so on. It is soft and ductile. Indium is mainly raw material for low-melting alloy, bearing alloy, semiconductor and photoelectric.

Indium Metal

Purity:99.995%, 99.999%, 99.9999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.: 7440-74-6 EINECS No.: 231-180-0 Molecular Formula:In Molecular Weight:114.818
Melting Point:156.61℃ Boiling Point: 2060℃ Density:7.30  


Indium metal is mainly for production of ITO target that is for production of LCD and flat screen.

The wire is a kind of sealing material. its sizes are customizable according to requirements.  it is also a kind of welding material. To compress cost, it alloy with tin.

The foil is a kind of metal target that is for sputtering.

The powder is raw material for electroconduction slurry and dental filling.

Indium Nitride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Indium nitride is dark gray powder, which is a new three group nitride material and stable under about 300℃. It is a kind of semiconductor with forbidden bandwidth 2.4eV and formation heat -17.6kJ/mol. It easily dissolve by acid and alkali. Indium(III) oxideis the raw material.

Indium Nitride

CAS No.:25617-98-5 EINECS No.:247-130-6 Molecular Weight:InN Molecular Weight:128.83
Melting Point:1200℃ Density:6.88    


Indium nitride film by metal organic chemical vapor deposition method owns photoluminescence properties. It get potential application in  photoelectronic parts of new high frequency tera hertz communication.

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