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Reagent M

Reagent M is a specialty product for proteomics research.

AutoZyme Urea

AutoZyme Urea is a reagent set for determination of urea / blood urea nitrogen based on enzymatic method using urease.

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Ethyl Oleate

Ethyl Oleate

CAS Number: 111-62-6

Chemical formula: C20H38O2

Density: 0.87 g/cm³

Molar mass: 310.522 g·mol−1


n-Butyllithium is an organolithium reagent. It is widely used as a polymerization initiator in the production of elastomers such as polybutadiene or styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS). It exists as a cluster both in the solid state and in a solution.Its use as a strong base is referred to as metalation.

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Lithium Nitrate

Lithium chloride anhydrous 7447-41-8 Lithium hydroxide anhydrous 1310-65-2 Lithium bromide anhydrous/hydrate 7550-35-8 Lithium molybdate 13568-40-6 Lithium nitrate 7790-69-4

acrylamide CP 90

we use


AutoZyme Chloride

AutoZyme Chloride is reagent set for determination of chlorine in serum / plasma based on mercuric thiocyanate method. AutoZyme Chloride is a single reagent system.

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Ammonium Hydroxide

Ammonium hydroxide is a solution of ammonia in water. Household ammonia is dilute ammonium hydroxide, which is also an ingredient of numerous other cleaning agents. In industry, ammonium hydroxide is used as a precursor to some alkyl amines. It is used in the meat packing industry. Aqueous ammonia is used in traditional qualitative inorganic analysis as a complexant and base.

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Butyl iodide PURE

Butyl Iodide or n-Butyl Iodide is used in wide range of medicals industrial applications as well as in human and animal nutrition products such as antiseptics and disinfectants, pharmaceutical intermediates, polarizing films for liquid crystal display [LCD] chemicals. Iodine derivatives are also used as organic building blocks, analytical reagents etc


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