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Meteobate AL (Alkaline Protease)

Meteobate AL (Alkaline Protease) is a bacterial alkaline protease leather bating enzyme to be used in leather beam-house processes. Meteobate AL is specially designed for bating of limed and partially de limed pelts, which are still to be tanned. It specifically removes the unwanted protein materials like elastin, albumin, mucoids and globulin, without damaging the collagen. It also removes coagulable inter – Fibrillary protein especially elastin and also removes degraded products of keratin such as epithelial cells, sebaceous glands. Meteobate AL helps in the penetration of tanning materials and processing chemicals. Meteobate AL ensures maximum removal of scud and natural dirt. Meteobate AL is a ready-to-use formulation of enzyme and other ingredients for high-performance leather bating, giving air permeability, smooth texture, elastic grain and slippery grain. Meteobate AL also opens the collagen structure giving uniforms leather bating. Wetting agents and detergents can be used with Meteobate AL to enhance penetration and assists in better leather bating for hides and skins.

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