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What are Leather Chemicals?

Leather Chemicals are used in all stages of processing such as cleaning and degreasing of hides, re-tanning, dyeing, fat liquoring and finishing. They are used for the improvement of product quality, reduction of water consumption and efficient process formulations.


Types of Leather Chemicals

- Preservatives

These chemicalsare powerful fungicides and bactericides that check bacterial and mold growth. Processing companies buy leather chemicals of this this type for all stages from soaking to finishing. They act against microbes that cause red spots.

- Cleansing and Wetting Agents

Cleaning and wetting agents find applications insoaking, bating and wetting processes in the leather industry. They are also used in the pickling process. It also finds applications in chrome tanning. Leather companies buy these chemicals from leather chemicals suppliers for the removal of dirt during soaking, de-liming and bating processes as well as acceleration of wetting back process.

- Biocides

Biocides are used to control deterioration of leather by bacterial activity. These anti-microbial chemicals prevent bacterial attack during brine curing. Biocides also preserve fresh hides for short duration of time. These chemicals are ideal for unfavorable climatic and long storing conditions.

- Fatliquors   

Fatliquorsare liquors made of an emulsion of soap and fat that find applications in the leather tanning. These chemicals are used to make leather softer, flexible and water repellent. Oils such as coconut, castor or cod is applied to the fibers to provide better cohesion.

- Dyes

Dyes used in the leather industry are usually water soluble, which come in the form of sodium salts of carboxylic or sulfonic acids. Leather tanning industries buy leather chemicals belonging to this category for dying leather after tanning. This is done by immersing leather in a dye bath in rotating barrels, which is followed by the removal of excess color by rinsing.


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