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NEOSURF DE is a special product designed for deep degreasing and dispersing of skins that are very greasy.NEOSURF DE opens up the fibre structure of hides and thus helps for better penetration of chrome, fat liquors and other synthetic tanning materials.NEOSURF DE can be added undiluted or mixed with warm (or) cold water to the floats.

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PASTOSOL U is a biodegradable degreasing, dispersing and emulsifying agent. It is preferably used for raw material with a high fat content. It is used in the degreasing of pickled sheep skins. Quantities to be used will vary, depending upon the type and origin of the skins and their natural grease content. Up to 5 % in the de-pickling float followed by additions of 0.3 – 0.8 % in the subsequent washing process will normally afford good results.

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POLYEON AF is a readily pourable white clear solution is selectively fixed by the skin means the product imparts improved fullness especially to the loosely structured parts. This applies also the loose papillary layers, so that here a tightening of the grain and a very fine grain pattern are achieved in addition, the light fastness of the leather is improved. It gives very good results after fixing. It has a shelf life of 12 months if it is stored in its original packing at temperatures of less than 40°C.

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POLYEON AR is an eco - friendly a liming auxiliary to reduce wrinkles, drawness and growth marks in hides and skins. It helps in better opening up of the fibre bundles results in full rounded leather. POLYEON AR gives flat pelts with low swelling and improves the fullness of bellies. POLYEON AR helps to improve overall levelness throughout the whole hide and skins particularly maintaining the substances in the belly and flank region and thereby avoids looseness. POLYEON AR gives clean pelts with smooth grain. POLYEON AR improves the solubility of the lime powder thereby improving the efficiency of the liming process and helps to reduce the percentage of lime and sulphide usage. POLYEON AR speed up the penetration of sulphide and lime thereby improves the breaking of sulphur linkages and the removal of hair roots and allows excellent stretching of growth marks. POLYEON AR can also be used in re - liming process and gives very good buffering action. POLYEON AR works effectively at all temperatures and similar results can be obtained during all seasons. POLYEON AR can effectively disperse natural fats and dissolves extra fat thereby reducing wrinkles in neck area to obtain flat uniform stock.

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POLYEON RE is light viscous syntan which can be easily diluted with hot water. It combines readily with all synthetic tanning agents and other anionic products. Below pH 3.8 this product may tend to precipitate. It will not be miscible with cationic products. Leathers retanned with POLYEON RE give smooth grain and good tightness to the leather. It also gives good whiteness to the leather, when used along with ABHITAN - PRW and also it can be used in retanning when pastel shades are required.

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Popbate AC

Popbate AC is an enzymatic bating agent which works in acidic range. It is a versatile bating agent based on proteolytic enzymes for all types of leather. This is an optimal blend of proteolytic enzymes from animal and microbial sources. It serves for bating of limed and pickled pelts as well as enzymatic slackening of wet blues and vegetable synthetic crust leather. It improves the feel, the uniformity of colour and firmness of grain.

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Poptan BFR

Poptan BFR is an alkaline powder with very fine particle size. It is uniformly but sparingly soluble in acid solutions. So it is an extraordinarily excellent self basifying agent for chrome tannages as its addition to chrome tan bath increases the pH very gradually which can be controlled by the amount added. So it offers a completely safe method for controlling the basicity of chrome tannage thus totally avoiding regular and close supervision required in case of other common alkalis used for basification.

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Poptan CSN

Poptan CSN is a combination of basic chromium salts and a lightfast white tanning agent. The product can be used as selftanning agent or as pretanning and retanning agent in vegetable and chrome tannage. It imparts to the leather a particularly soft handle and a tight grain. It is primarily used for the production of leathers with mellowness and supple grain without altering the chrome. The use of Poptan CSN retains fineness and tightness of grain and prepares the leather for level dyeing.

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Poptan FR6

Poptan FR6 is an anionic neutral syntan based on nitrogen containing resin (melamine syntan) for retannage of all types of chrome leathers. It precipitates under acid conditions and this precipitate, in combination with colloidal and other softening agents, has a selective filling action which improves the more open structured areas of the leather. When used as a retannage for neutralized chrome stock results in a leather with a full fell, a tight flexible grain and uniform softness.

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Poptan RSI

Poptan RSI is an anionic synthetic resin syntan for the retannage of all types of chrome leathers. It is a spray dried complex aminoplast resin of medium polymeric size recommended for tight and mellow leather. It imparts good level dyeing properties, increases tensile strength of leather and gives plumpiness to the leather.

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