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RATNOL ASN is a lightfast synthetic fatliquor for universal application in leather industry. It is based on saturated hydrocarbons. Due to the formation of micro emulsion in aqueous solutions it penetrates deeply and uniformly throughout the entire cross-section of leather giving uniform internal softness. It's excellent light fastness makes it suitable for white, pastel coloured and aniline leather. It is compatible with other oils such as fish oil, vegetable oils etc. Owing to its high emulsifying power, it helps in emulsification of other oils when used in combination.

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SELLATAN P is based on modified polysulphonic acids. SELLATAN P suitable for combining with wet-white tanning. SELLATAN P chrome-tanning auxiliary to improve the fullness of hides.

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SOLESIN SA is used as a pretanning agent for vegetable leather.

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TEXCIDE NT is a TCMTB based fungicide. It is a new generation preservative with wide spectrum activity. It is PCP free and hence safe to use in leather processing. It can prevent attack of Bacteria & Fungi at various stages of leather processing. It is a special water miscible preservative formulation based on 2-Thiocyano Methyl Benzathiozole with 30% concentration. It is recommended for preserving Wet blue Hides & Skins, Veg, tanned Hides & Skins, pickled Hides and skins and all types of finished leathers. It is very effective and it can be used in a wide pH range of 2.0 to 8.0.

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TRICOTAN R is a synthetic organic resin tanning agent. It is a water soluble, low molecular weight acrylic polymer. It is compatible with most tannery process materials except chrome tanning material, with which it reacts, causing a slight precipitation. It is especially suitable for filling and tightening chrome tanned leathers and may also be used on the East India tanned hides and skins to give soft and tighter leather.

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TRUPON AMC is ideally suited for fatliquoring of all types of softy leathers including furniture leather where its use will provide a light fluffy handle, a smooth grain characteristic and an even level dying. It exhibits on suede leathers excellent softness together with outstanding sheen and lustre. It is designed as main fatliquor, but it can be also applied during chrome tannage. It will enhance the colour value of dyed leather.

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TRUPON COL is an anionic fatliquor designed to produce outstanding softness on all types of leather. Leathers fatliquored with TRUPON COL exhibit an open fluffy handle coupled with extremely fine grain characteristics. It is well suited for the production of ‘super soft’ shoe upper and ‘floater’ style leathers. When used in the production of garment leathers it imparts a cloth-like handle coupled with a smooth creamy grain.

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Tysyntan P

Tysyntan P is a pretanning agent.It imparts smoothness,firmness,light, smooth and undrawn leather.It can be used for intermmediate treatment of Chrome tanned leather to minimises the astringency of Vegetable tannins.

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Tywax H-15

Tywax H-15 inhibits tackiness of the finished leather on plating.It gives smooth and slightly waxy feel to the leather.It is very useful for leather finishing and can be used for burnishing effect.

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Tywax S-15

Tywax S-15 is a high stability wax emulsion.It is suitable to be used in base coat as well as aqueous sealing coats.It is very useful for finishing of upholstery leather and in ground formulations for garment leather.

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