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K-Thio SVT 30

K-Thio SVT 30 is a biocide to avoid the biological development that causes important damage in the tanning process for instance hair dropping, collagene decrease, leather’s stains. It can be applied during the various tanning leather processes like, on pickled skin, tanning and retanning.

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Kracrom 26/33

Kracrom 26/33 is a basic Chrome Sulphate with a high quality mineral tanning agent used in whole process of leather tanning.

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Ethylene urea

Ethylene urea also known as 2-Imidazolidinone hemihydrate-is mainly used in various kinds of formaldehyde removing formulations such as high effect formaldehyde removing detergents and long-term formaldehyde dissolution intermediates. In the flavor and fragrance industry the product is used as release control agent. The pharma industry is using the product as intermediate for antibiotics such as Mezlocillin and Azlocillin.

Sodium Sulfide

Sodium Sulfide is the chemical compound with the formula Na2S is primarily used in the Leather Tanning,Pharmaceuticals, Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) manufacturing, and in Dyes and Dyestuffs.

Calcium formate

Calcium Formate is the calcium salt of formic acid. It is also known as E238. Calcium formate is stable at room temperature, is inflammable and forms orthorhombic crystals.Our product is commonly used as a component of an ensiling agent for silage treatment.

Chromium formate

Chromium Formate is used in leather tanning, mordant dyeing, and trivalent chromium plating; film and photography industry. It also be used for chemical reagents, olefin polymerization catalyst, oxidation catalyst, for the latex hardened, mining use of drilling slurry.

Sodium Dichromate

Amrut enterprises offering cost-effective and optimum quality sodium dichromate, which is a bright orange colored and odorless inorganic salt. This inorganic salt is one of many hexavalent chromium compounds having Na2Cr2O7 as a chemical formula. This chemical salt is precisely processed, tested on a series of parameters and it has got a strong oxidizing power as well as high corrosive inorganic salt. Sodium dichromate involved in the production of corrosion inhibitors, vitamin k, and inorganic chromate pigment colors and textile dyes.

Ammonium Dichromate

Ammonium Dichromate is an inorganic compound. It is a salt consisting of ammonium ions and dichromate ions. It has been used in pyrotechnics and in the early days of photography as well as in lithography, as a source of pure nitrogen in the laboratory, and as a catalyst. Ammonium Dichromate is also used as a mordant for dyeing pigments, in the manufacturing of alizarin, chrome alum, leather tanning and oil purification. Photosensitive films containing PVA, ammonium dichromate, and a phosphor are spin-coated as aqueous slurries in the production of the phosphor raster of television screens and other devices. The ammonium dichromate acts as the photoactive site.

Sodium Hydrosulfite

Sodium Hydrosulfite also called sodium dithionite and is the sodium salt of the dithionous acid. This chemical has a long shelf life, accurate composition, and effectively reducing capacity. Sodium hydrosulfite offered by Amrut Enterprises is processed by utilizing premium quality chemical compounds and advanced techniques strictly adhering to set industry standards. It is designed for various industries like textile dyeing, cosmetics, personal care, leather, food and soil chemistry

Basic Chromium Sulphate

Basic Chromium Sulfate is mainly used in tanning of processing leather industry or synthesis of other chromium based re-tanning agents and production of chromic compound.It is also used in dyeing of khaki cloth and in manufacture of chrome-based dyestuffs. store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, out of direct sunlight Keep away from sunlight and heat sources
Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid ingestion.


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