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POLYEON R40 gives an excellent whiteness with outstanding light fastness.It improves the fullness of the leather.It imparts excellent buffing characteristics for suedes and corrected grain uppers.Retannage with POLYEON R40 responds well to impregnation and finishing.Leathers retanned with POLYEON R40 do not interfere in glazing. It is compatible with other tanning or retanning agents.POLYEON R40 is recommended for use in rechroming.

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POLYEON SMR fills up open structured loose portions and produce lightweight soft leathers. Because of its dual functions of softening and filling it is highly recommended for upholstery, garment and dry milled leathers. It also produces fine milling effect for natural dry milled leathers. POLYEON SMR is used for retanning upholstery furniture, shoe upper leathers. Most washed neutralized leathers are retanned with POLYEON SMR. POLYEON SMR can be used alone or along with synthetic retanning agents. It is especially suitable for natural milled article, because it exhibits young milled grain pattern.

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POLYEON TGK is a highly effective neutralizing cum tanning agent. It is very much suitable for one bath compact methods. Retanning with POLYEON TGK gives fine, tight grain. It improves levelness and penetration of dye stuff. POLYEON TGK gives simultaneous neutralizing and retanning effects and is ideally suited for initiation of retannage. It has balanced neutralizing, buffering, masking, dispersing and retanning properties. Owing to the complexity and masking character. POLYEON TGK reduces the astringency of reaction between the chromed tanned leather and vegetable tanning extracts penetrate deeply without making the grain coarse.

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RATNATAN CR is a rechroming syntan for use in leather industry. It is recommended for rechroming of chrome tanned & E.I. tanned leathers. In rechroming it helps in maintaining chrome character of the leather with good fullness & softness. Rechroming with Ratnatan CR gives leathers a tight and fine grain. It increases the affinity of leather for dyestuffs and ensures level dyeing. It exhausts completely from rechroming bath at elevated temperature. Due to its masked chrome complexed nature, when used as pretanning agent, rapid penetration of pelt takes place and this facilitates acceleration of subsequent vegetable tanning process.

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RATNATAN MS is melaminic resin syntan for use in leather industry. It's use in retanning gives good fullness, softness and elasticity to leather. It improves buffing properties of leather. It levels dyeing and helps the dyestuff to penetrate. It is compatible with all syntans except aluminium tanning agents. It reduces the formation of large particles in vegetable extracts.

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SOLESIN CMF is a phenolic replacement syntan and retanning agent for chrome leather.

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SOLESIN PA2 is a naphtalenic pretanning agent and phenolic condensate for vegetable leather.

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SOLVOTAN VM is a special cationic fatliquor, suitable for diverse articles and leathers. It is particularly useful for more anionic leathers which require a high degree of inner softness and a fluffy, round handle. It facilitates the production of fine-grained leathers with an extremely pleasant handle and remarkable fullness. It enhances a smooth, fine grain pattern, contributes to an even chrome distribution and a good inner softness.

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Sasolwax A2

Sasolwax A2 used either directly, or as important components of textile auxiliary chemicals.These waxes improve the ease of textile processing, as well as the finish and performance of the final article.It is designed for these applications, are emulsifiable under pressure or atmospheric conditions and are easy to incorporate into various process steps during textile and leather processing.

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Sasyntan-50 increases the stitch tear strength and gives suppleness to the leather.

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