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Sasyntan-50 increases the stitch tear strength and gives suppleness to the leather.

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Sasyntan-52 is a Naphthalene sulphonic acid Condensate based syntan. It exhibits good liming and degreasing properties. It imparts compact and fine grains to the leather.

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Sasyntan-CD gives very good soft handle as well as fullness and supple handle in white leather.

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Sasyntan-CI gives whiteness, helps to getting good fullness with tight grains in all types of leather.

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Sasyntan-CM is a synthetic tanning agent with very good dispersing properties.It is mainly used as a retaining agent for chrome leather, and dispersing agent for vegetable tanning agent.It is also be used with neutralizing syntan to facilitate the penetration of other chemicals.

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Sasyntan-CS gives a very good filling effect and the buffing properties increase substantially.

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Soy Polymer

Soy Polymer designed to offer cost-effective alternatives are used for partial or complete replacement of latex, casein and other binders, as well as viscosity modifiers, thickeners, adhesives and emulsion stabilizers. It may be used in paper & board coating , textile cone, leather finishing chemical, cosmetic, personal care industries.

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TRICOWET JU is a nonionic wetting agent and detergent. Its field of application includes all wet operations, emulsifying and scouring untanned and chrome tanned wool skins. In addition to its wetting properties, it has excellent dispersing and emulsifying properties.

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Turbofat SL

Turbofat SL is lanolin based fat liquor with good lubrication properties for silky soft handle and fullness.

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Turbofat VF

Turbofat VF is a premium vegetable fat liquor with excellent lubrication properties for very soft and natural handle.

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