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Tyfill F-47

Tyfill F-47 increases grain tightness and softness of the leather.It gives slightly duller shade to the retanned leather.

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Tysyntan TN

Tysyntan TN is an amphoteric syntan & can be used in chrome tannage, neutralisation,retanning, dyeing & fatliquoring.It imparts medium fullness & good softness to the leather.

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Tysyntan TO

Tysyntan TO can be used along with vegetable & resin tanning agent to give tight well filled leather.It accelerates the rate of penetration & lightens the shade of vegetable tanned leather.It has good leveling effect on the dyeing & is particularly suitable for paler shades.

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VECOPLAST M is a matting, filling, softening and anti-sticking auxiliary. It gives the nappa skins (upholstery etc.) softness, excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion during dry milling, keeps an excellent finishing adhesion and good embossing properties. It does not thicken the base coat mixtures and increases the levelling of the finishing. The product is used specifically for upholstery. It avoids stickness of polymeric binders to hot ironing and piling. With VECOPLAST M it can be possible to embossy without intermediate passage.

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VICASTOL SN is a pure synthetic lightfast fatliquor suitable for sheep, goat, cow, buffalo in production of all types of leather.

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ZSIVIROL B3 is mainly used in the main fatliquoring bath for soft gloving, garment and upholstery leather where ever extreme softness is needed. It is stable to acids and salts under usual tannery conditions. It provides good light fastness, gives waxy touch and silky feel.

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ZSIVIROL CA is a spew retardant and strength improving fatliquor. It improves tensile strength of the leather and is mainly used in garment and gloving leather. It is a unique formulation withstanding sub-zero temperatures and prevents the moisture entering into the leather thereby controlling the humidity entering into the leather. It has very good light fastness and can be used for white leathers. It produces excellent waxy touch with smooth grain.

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ZSIVITAN AN is an amphoteric syntan used in re-tanning and filling all types of chrome and semi-chrome leathers. It can be used in all stages of rechroming and retanning. It produces leathers of light weight, smooth grain with soft feel. It is applied alone or in combination with vegetable/synthetic tanning agents.

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ZSIVITAN DL is a sulfone based syntan used in the re-tanning of neutralized leather. It provides soft leather fullness and fine grain. It has excellent filling properties. It allows even dying with brilliant shades. It is best suitable for EI leathers and is applied alone or in combination with vegetable/synthetic tanning agents on neutralized leathers.

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Albendazole is a member of the benzimidazole compounds used as a drug indicated for the treatment of a variety of worm infestations. It may also be useful for treating a type of intestonal protozoan infection in aids patients.

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