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Acid Black 1

Acid Black 1 (CAS NO.1064-48-8) is a stain for acidic peptides. Amido Black 10B is a synthetic acid dye containing both NN and CC chromophore groups (pyrazolone dye). It is a dark red to black powder; soluble in water; used as a stain for protein-containings. Chemical designation is 4-Amino-5-hydroxy-3- [(4-nitrophenyl)azo]- 6-(phenylazo)- 2,7-Naphthalene disulfonic acid, disodium salt.

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Acid Blue 29

Acid blue 29 is used in wool,silk, nylon and leather etc.

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Acid Red 249

Acid red 249 is a dye stuff which is used for textile, fabric dyeing,wool, leather and silk etc.

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Acid black 2

Acid black 2 is used in dyeing of leather,wood and textiles. It is used in the manufacture of ink, shoe polish cream, carbon paper and toners.

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Acid red 119

Acid red 119 is used for wool, polyamide, silk dyeing and printing, also can be used for leather color.

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Acid red 151

Acid red 151 is mainly used in wool, silk etc. Acid red 151 is mainly used as an dye intermediate.

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Acid red 184

Acid red 184 is used in printing ink and aluminum anodising which are widely used in industries for coloring. And also it is used for Wool Silk,Nylon and Leather etc.

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Acipol SS-17

Acipol SS-17 is a semi synthetic fat based on fatty acid ester & natural oils and is a functional substitute for neats foot oil based fatliquor. It is used for shoe upper leathers.

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Acirol MLX-S

Acirol MLX-S is a sulfited blend of natural & synthetic fish oil. It is used for nappa leathers, upholstery and all chrome-tanned leathers up to 2-3%.

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Acirol VLX-S

Acirol VLX-S is semi synthetic sulfited blend of modified vegetable & synthetic oils. It is used for all chrome and vegetable tanned very soft leathers. It can also be used in rechroming stage.

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