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CHEMOL 215NB is a biodegradable emulsifier and solvent degreaser for grease removal during the soak and bate. Used in the preparation of wet blue before retan, color, and fatliquor, resulting in less greasiness especially with pigskins, cleaner colors, softening, and improved fine hair removal. It is in the form of a white water liquid, highly concentrated, non ionic, with an activity of 100%, and a pH of 5.3.

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CHEMTAN T-13 is a neutral naphthalene syntan used as a dye auxiliary to aid dye penetration and color uniformity and used typically in 1-2% levels. This product can also be used as a dispersant for chrome tanning or pretanning, and bleaching of vegetable tanned leathers. Especially suitable for waterproof leathers due to it’s extremely low salt content. Its concentration level is with 95% activity, with a pH of 9.0.

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CHEMTAN T-18 is a lower cost naphthalene syntan in dry form used for dispersing grease, and bleaching in chrome tanning. Also this product can be used in the pre-tannage for drum vegetable tanning and as a dye auxiliary.

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CROMAFAT SAS is a fatliquor based on sulphited lecithin and synthetic oils used in leather industries.

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Degreasol TI

Degreasol TI material improves natural fat dispersion. It produce an improved nap and more level dyeing.

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Denitan B-XL

Denitan B-XL is a naphthalene sulphonic formaldehyde condensate base. It is a quite active neutral syntan having dispersing property on leather, provides the homogenous distribution of fat liquors and dyestuffs throughout the leather surface.

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Densodrin DP

Densodrin DP is a water-repellent fatliquor for all types of leather that are tested by the Bally Penetrometer method. Leather that has been treated with Densodrin DP has a full handle, it can be dyed to very level shades and it responds well to buffing. Densodrin DP can be used for all types of water-repellent chrome-tanned leather, but it is especially recommended for shoe upper leather. It ha excellent VOC and fogging results which make it an excellent choice for fatliquoring automotive leather.

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Eco Add 1706

Eco Add 1706 is water-based emulsion of compounded modified synthetic waxes & oil for special whitened effect.

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Filler 12/61

FILLER 12/61 is a colloidal filler which is suitable for the finishing of wide range of leathers. It improves the coverage of finish without over loading/ over filling the grain when used in high performance base coats application. FILLER 12/61 exhibits very good filling properties and is highly beneficial for finishing of leathers with heavy defects, snuffed leathers and splits. FILLER 12/61 imparts the opaque and dull finish thus effectively hiding the defects of leather surface. It improves the feel and plating properties of finished leather and also helps in avoiding sticking of leather during pile up.

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