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Filler 12/61

FILLER 12/61 is a colloidal filler which is suitable for the finishing of wide range of leathers. It improves the coverage of finish without over loading/ over filling the grain when used in high performance base coats application. FILLER 12/61 exhibits very good filling properties and is highly beneficial for finishing of leathers with heavy defects, snuffed leathers and splits. FILLER 12/61 imparts the opaque and dull finish thus effectively hiding the defects of leather surface. It improves the feel and plating properties of finished leather and also helps in avoiding sticking of leather during pile up.

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Frescotan RS

Frescotan RS is a replacement type of retanning agent suitable for improving the fullness of the leather. It also helps the dispersion and penetration of other anionic retanning agents used in the main retanning stage. It is conveniently used for all types of shades as it has a mild bleaching effect only when compared to other products and helps in attaining a brighter color. It is used primarily in the main rearming, along with other anionic products. It is a preferred syntan in the production of soft leathers like shoe upper and corrected grain where good fullness coupled with good tightness is a requirement. If used on its own, it produces almost white leather with medium handle and medium lightfastness.

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LUNADERM LSW is a very stable fat liquor with chrome dispersion properties. It can be used in pickling, chrome tanning, rechroming etc. It improves the tensile strength of all types of leathers. Hence it is ideal for sheep skins, splits and nappas. It does not give stretch and hence it is suitable for all types of upper leathers.

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Leatherol-SR is a light fast synthetic fatliquor based on sulphited synthetic ester suitable for upholstery, gloving, highly soft leather without looseness.

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POLYCIDE NRP is a powerful bactericide and fungicide, strong against bacteria and mould growth. It can be used in all stages of leather processing from soaking to finishing. POLYCIDE NRP is strong against microbes causing red spots. It is non toxic and harmless to human beings. POLYCIDE NRP is completely bio - degradable and has no adverse effect on ETP. It is easy to handle and is non-foaming.

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POLYEON AC35 is light viscous syntan which can be easily diluted with hot water. It combines readily with all synthetic tanning agents and other anionic products. Below pH 3.8 this product may tend to precipitate. It will not be miscible with cationic products. Leathers retanned with POLYEON AC35 give smooth grain and good tightness to the leather. It also gives good whiteness to the leather, when used along with ABHITAN PRW and also it can be used in retanning when pastel shades are required.

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POLYEON DGII disperses the fats in the leather. It creates void spaces inside the leather.In bating, 1 - 2% POLYEON DGII is used with Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl3) and bate to disperse natural fats present in the skins before pickling and tanning. E.I. tanned leather may contain some free vegetable oils. To remove this uncombined free oil disperse the fats in the leather.POLYEON DGII is applied upto 2% along with 1 - 2% Sodium bicarbonate and 1 - 2% Sodium Sulphite with 300% water in the Stripping operation.

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POLYEON HA50 is a tanning agent with many uses. It has a filling and softening action on the skin. POLYEON HA50 is stable to all mineral salts, therefore it can be used during chrome tanning.It gives fullness with greater physical resistance, due to the double tanning action. POLYEON HA50 reacts with the basic group of the collagen, while the mineral salt reacts with the Carboxylic group of the collagen completing the tanning.  This is manifested in an appreciable improvement of the handle and durability of the leather. POLYEON HA50 is compatible with mineral tanning agents, pickle, acids and natural salts in all proportions.It can be used as pretanning agent in vegetable tanning or in retanning of chrome leather giving the skins better dye ability.

Popbate ALKC

Popbate ALKC is an enzymatic bating agent which works in alkaline range. It ensures efficient loosening of scud consisting of short hairs, grease, lime soaps, dark coloured pigments and traces of epidermis, resulting in a fine and silky grained leather. It has proteolytic enzymes which ensure optimal removal of non-leather forming proteinaceous material like albumin, globulins and mucoids from the hides and skins.

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Popsynth MZU

Popsynth MZU is an anionic fatliquor for all types of leather and furs. It gives extremely fine disperse emulsions capable of deep penetration into the leather. It has good emulsifying power.It is a unique fatliquor for furs. It does not make hair (fur) greasy. It can be used in pickle, tanning, retanning and fatliquoring for all types of skins and fur.

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