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Purelikx SFW

Purelikx SFW is a synthetic fatliquor waxy, sulphonated synthetic oils which gives excellent grain softness, grain flexibility with very good grain tightness. It is suitable for all type of leathers for chrome and semi chrome leathers.

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Purelikx SSF

Purelikx SSF is a semi synthetic fatliquor, compact fatliquor, mainly from synthetic base, as an universal pre fatliquor and as main fatliquor to get very fine grain with a warm touch, round and feel. It improves the strength and resists fungus growth.

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Puretaan CCS

Puretaan CCS is a chrome complex syntan, masked chrome complex, to improve the chrome character of the leather, ensuring with very good fullness and softness with a tight and fine grain. When used in pretanning stage, ensure rapid penetration and complete exhaustion of chrome, reducing the pollution load.

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Puretaan NSL

Puretaan NSL is a neutralising syntan liquid, effective and safe neutralising agent to lower the cationic charge of mineral tanning agents, giving uniform ph, to facilitate subsequent retaining, faliquoring and dyeing operations.

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RATNAFIX CDF is a cationic fixing agent for anionic dyes used in leather industry to enhance wet fastness of dyed leather. It is based on methylol amides. It is used in the after treatment of dyeing with all anionic dyes, to the extent of 1 – 1.5% on shaved weight. To be used with caution on grain leathers that are finished with anionic products, since the cationic charge on the leather surface can adversely affect penetration of finishing season.

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RATNAFIX WDF is quaternary ammonium compound based weakly cationic dye fixing agent for use in leather industry. It is used in the after treatment of dyeing with all anionic dyes, to the extent of 1-1.5% on shaved weight. Due to its weakly cationic nature, it can be used with cationic & anionic products. It is suitable for sandwitch dyeing wherein it promotes intensity as well as levelness of dyeing. It promotes strong dye fixation to the leather surface without dye precipitation. In dyeing with dye mixtures having dyes with different rate of dyeing, it helps in balanced build-up of desired dye shade. In sandwitch dyeing process, the recommended dosage is 2% on shaved wt. after dyeing with first dye.

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RODA CARE NL is formulated for covering small surface defects on any kind of soft and natural leathers. RODA CARE NL can be applied by spray or RRC to improve the leveling absorption of the crust.

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Resitouch LF

Resitouch LF is specialty silicone dispersion, generally being used by combining with the leather top-coat system. It is dispersible in both water and solvent system. The main feature of this product is to impart a durable silky hand feel with moderate water repellency.


SCINVOWET WA is high efficiency, versatile, wetting, degreasing and emulsifying agent. SCINVOWET WA accelerates soaking, produces even pelts and helps in emulsifying and distributing natural fats at all the stages in leather processing. SCINVOWET WA can be used in soaking, liming, deliming, degreasing, pickling and rewetting operation. It is suitable for wetting and degreasing chrome and El (Vegetable tanned) leathers.

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SYNTRAN 2072 is a modified acrylic copolymer. It is very suitable as a polymer for leather finishing and for shoe and leather care applications, with improved flexibility. The benefits are it has high gloss, it has very high flexibility, it has good cold flexibility, it has high elasticity, it has very good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and further has good resistance to soiling.

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