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SYNTRAN 2802 is a water-based, non metal-bound acrylic copolymer. Polishes formulated with SYNTRAN 2802 form a film with a good abrasion resistance. They are very suitable for formulating liquid, dry bright, clear and pigmented shoe polishes. Adding SYNTRAN 2802 enhances the soft touch of the film. The benefits are it has very good adhesion to various substrates, it has very good water resistance, it has good flexibility and further has soft touch.

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SYNTRAN 2811 is used for liquid dry bright formulations for different kinds of leather finish and leather care products. It is also used in car interior polishes. Polishes formulated with SYNTRAN 2811 form colourless, elastic films which adhere well to substrates. SYNTRAN 2811 is used to formulate liquid, dry bright shoe polishes both for clear and pigmented products.

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Sasyntan-540 is basically used to get stretchy leather with softer handle.

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Sasyntan-CAF improves fullness, grain tightness, and light fastness.

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Sasyntan-CAL produces smooth grain with compactness, fullness, plumpness in nubuck, suede.

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Sasyntan-CAN gives medium fullness maintaining softness of leather. It gives uniform color without bleach effect.

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Sasyntan-CFC is an Naphthalene sulphonic acid auxiliary tanning agent for tanning of all types of leather and for bleaching of vegetable and chrome tanned leather.It gives tight and pale grains which are suitable for uniform dyeing and buffing. It also removes iron stain.

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Sasyntan-CLA is a retanning agent mainly used for dye leveling of anionic products.It reduce the affinity of dyes for mineral tanned leather, thus dyes penetrates slowly and gives uniform shade and also gives fullness.

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Sasyntan-CLE is a phenol condensate light fast white tanning agent giving good fullness with fine smooth tight grain.

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Sasyntan-CLF is a light fast retanning agent with good dispersing effect of anionic dyes.It also helps deeper shades in cationic dyeing. It is mainly suitable for dyeing of pale color leather.

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