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Sasyntan-GDW economical replacement syntan, specially suitable for printed leather.

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Sorapret CLR

Sorapret CLR is used to crosslink polymer binders and aqueous top coats.

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Turbofat AFS

Turbofat AFS is an nonionic fat liquor for superior soft handle.

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Turbofat SNF

Turbofat SNF is semi synthetic fat liquor for very soft handle and fullness. It offers excellent penetration. Turbofat SNF suitable for upper and garment leathers.

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Tyfill SF-50

Tyfill SF-50 gives softness to the leather.It increases the grain elasticity of the leather.

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Tysyntan T-6

Tysyntan T-6 is a blend of sulphonated amino resin and anionic dispersant. It impart good fullness, softness and rubbery properties to the leather. It improves buffing properties of the leather.

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Tysyntan TFS

Tysyntan TFS reduces the affinity of anionic dyes for chrome tanned leather.It gives brilliant shade to the leather.It can be used as dispersing agent for vegetable tannages.

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Tysyntan THN

Tysyntan THN contains high amounts of masking chromium compounds.It is used for rechroming of cow upper leather,pretanning of vegetable tanned calf leather.

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Tysyntan TKM

Tysyntan TKM is a neuralising agent and reduces the cationic charge of chrome tanned leather & improves dyeing & fatliquoring properties.

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Tysyntan TLE

Tysyntan TLE is a solo tanning agent that has great affinity for the reactive groups of the collagen which facilitates good exhaustion from the bath , remarkable fullness and fine grain pattern of leather.It renders good filling effect and brightens the leather colour considerably in dyeing with pastel colours.

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