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Tysyntan TLE

Tysyntan TLE is a solo tanning agent that has great affinity for the reactive groups of the collagen which facilitates good exhaustion from the bath , remarkable fullness and fine grain pattern of leather.It renders good filling effect and brightens the leather colour considerably in dyeing with pastel colours.

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Tysyntan TNG

Tysyntan TNG neutralises leather at fairly low pH retaining grain tightness.It penetrate into chrome complex & improves quality of chrome leather.

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Tysyntan TRN

Tysyntan TRN is intended specially for the manufacture of soft leather. It is a combination of chrome-syntan complex and neutralizing agent which react slowly and thus increase the basicity of the chrome before fixing on leather with a mild neutralizing effect.

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VECOPLAST AM is a filling, levelling and anti-sticking agent. It gives to leather finishings, especially buffed leather, a good fullness keeping excellent adhesion. It enhances the covering and the levelling of the applied mixtures, improving the scratch resistance and reducing the tackiness. The grain keeps a very natural aspect.

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VICASTOL 94V is a lightfast fatliquoring agent for nappa, garment, upholstery & other very soft types of leather.

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ARIFAT-AX-902 is a white to yellowish paste based on sulphon synthetic oils. By selecting and adjusting the ratio of the individual components of a fatiquoring mixure every type of softness and surface effect can be achieved. Owing to the high affinity to the learner fibre ARIFAT-AX-902 is suitable for leathers with a low extractable fat content. Because of the very good lightfastness and heat resistance it is also suitable for white leathers.

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Acid Black 26

Acid black 26 is used for wool, silk, leather and nylon 6 fibrePacking

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Acid Black 52

Acid black 52 acts as a carcinogen.It is used as dyes for leather,wool,nylon etc.

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AcidBlack 172

Acid black 172 Dyes find their main application on wool, silk, polyamide etc. Other important uses are in the dying of leather, paper, jute, straw, ink and in preparation of lakes which are used in paints.

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