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Barium Borate

Barium Borate is an inorganic compound, a borate of barium. It is available as a hydrate or dehydrated. It is a biocide. Barium Borate is added to paints, coatings, adhesives, plastics, and paper and paper products. Barium borate is resistant to moisture and ultraviolet radiation. It can act as UV stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride.

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Blancotan SH2

Blancotan SH2 is a syntan used for tanning and retanning and it is suitable for light coloured articles with fine grain and good fullness.

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Cat Feel D-15

Cat Feel D-15 is a slightly cationic silicone emulsion, which gives waxy slippery feel.

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DERMASCAL ASB is mixture of dicarboxylic acids and ammonium salts. DERMASCAL ASB has a buffering effect without the risk of swelling. DERMASCAL ASB prevents the pH from dropping below the critical limit of 5.

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Degreasol TWI

Degreasol TWI is a blend of modified polyglycol ether with special solvents. It is a strong degreasing agent. Degreasol TWI is suitable for degreasing of chrome tanned and E.I tanned leathers.

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Ecofinish CHN

Ecofinish CHN is an emulsion lacquer that is diluatable in water. It is non-thermoplastic top fixing agent with high elasticity, high gloss outstanding fastness properties.

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Eusapon FB-WT

Eusapon FB-WT is a wetting agent particularly suitable for accelerating the wetting back process along with removing the dirt during soaking, deliming and bating.

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Fresco Oil SN

Fresco Oil SN is most suitable for fatliquoring soft leathers like nappa, upholstery and shoe nappa as it imparts very good softness. It provides full and round handle to the resultant leather making the leather feel lively. It maintains the smooth grain of the leather and provides silky touch to the handle. It can be used for white and pastel shades as its light fastness is good. It penetrates well through the cross section and offers good softness to the resultant leather without adversely affecting the tightness of leather.

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Frescozyme BL

Frescozyme BL is protease-based enzyme preparation designed to maximize finished leather quality. It results in increased bating effectiveness and scud removal and more uniform results. This is compatible with traditional and modern deliming chemistries including the use of either ammonium sulfate or ammonium chloride. This product provides an effective means for the cleaning of the grain and corium by removing any scud remaining after the liming process. Leathers produced with this product are clean and have a flat smooth silky grain and exhibit no elasticity. The collagen of the corium is wide open with the fibers exhibiting a large degree of separation and definition. Frescozyme BL can be applied after the completion of the deliming process.

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Frescozyme LL

Frescozyme LL is a new protease based enzyme preparation designed to maximize finished leather quality. This product partially replaces conventional sodium sulfide used in the liming process. It helps to achieve very smooth and fine grained pelt which are free of neck wrinkles and belly draw. It effectively cleans the grain and leaves the pelt scud free thus enabling the production of high quality aniline and nubuck leathers. It can be applied in the initial stage of liming process. Pre-dilution is required and provides an added benefit in the way of mixing and distribution of the product into the liming bath on case of drum application.

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