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KNOX LAC WS152 is a milky lacquer emulsion. It gives the leather a pleasant feel, medium gloss, with good uniformity and smooth surface appearance.KNOX LAC WS152 may be diluted to any extent with water and water - miscible solvents. It is also used for top coating.KNOX LAC WS152 can be used as an additional binder in polymer finishes.

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Liocide® 711

Liocide® 711 is a water soluble bactericide with a broad spectrum of microbiological activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

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Mardol 1498-T

Mardol 1498-T is an alkaline mayonnaise fatliquor formed by the saponification of a blend of fatty acids, animal oils and an emulsion stabilizer. It is used where good grain lubrication is desired and this product will give tight, flat grain characteristics and good stand up. It is an excellent product or co-product when used on handsewn, corrected, nubuck, calf, lambskin and vegetable tanned leathers.

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Methyl Oleate

Methyl Oleate can be used as the oils in various applications and mainly used as the sulphated products for the use in Textiles and Leather Chemicals,plasticizer and softener. It also works as lubricant and diluents for the products like oils.

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Mollescal BAC

Mollescal BAC is a highly effective biocide that can be used to protect all types of raw stock from being damaged by bacteria during soaking. It can be used in combination with conventional and enzymatic soaking auxiliaries.

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Mollescal FUN

Mollescal FUN is a fungicide which is effective against a broad spectrum of molds, yeasts and bacteria.

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RATNAWAX S-15 is a soft wax emulsion. It is based on synthetic waxes. It provides silky, supple feel to leather. It gives good filling effect, plating and embossing properties. It can be used in base coat and as well as aqueous sealing coats. It is very useful in finishing of upholstery leather & ground formulations for garment leather.

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RATNOLAC - BP is a solvent based Nitrocellulose lacquer, dilutable with either water or any suitable NC thinner. It is used for finishing of leather. It gives a silky and smooth high gloss to the leather surface, combined with a soft handle.

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RODA pur 5101

RODA pur 5101 is special NMP-free polyurethane for all kinds of leather. RODA pur 5101 acts as a driver in anionic and cationic finishing preparations besides as a leveling agent to adjust flow-out.

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RODA pur K 34

RODA pur K 34 is NMP-free polyurethane dispersion which forms a very soft, elastic and tacky film. RODA pur K 34 is used in pre-bottom and base coats to reduce absorption and improve adhesion. RODA pur K 34 is ideal for natural finishing, while covering grain defects very efficiently without affecting the final softness.

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