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Vensoft - SFC

Vensoft - SFC is a non-ionic fatliquor and excellent handle modifier for use in leather industry. It is based on fatty acid condensation products. products. It imparts extremely soft and elegant handle to suede, nubucks & full grain leathers. Vensoft - SFC has very good light fastness and thus is suitable for white and pastel shade leathers.

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Acid Black 194

Acid Black 194 can be used for wool, polyamide, Silk and wool blended fabric dyeing, direct printing in wool, Silk fabric fiber.

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Acid Black 210

Acid black 210 is used in leather and textile such as silk,nylon and fabric.

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Acid Blue 193

Acid blue 193 is used in wool, silk and in leather products.

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Casacide TCMTB

Casacide TCMTB is used to control fungicidal growth predominantly within the leather tanning and paper pulping processes.

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Corial Wax EBT

Corial Wax EBT is a handle improver for aqueous and solvent-based finishes. It gives a slightly tacky handle.

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Fresco Oil SWR

Fresco Oil SWR is a sperm oil fatliquor. It gives good softness with body and roundness to the resultant leather. It does not adversely affect the tightness of leather. The grain smoothness and surface touch of leather will improve when it is used in the fatliquoring system. It can be used in combination with other fatliquors for the manufacture of high quality shoe upper, shoe nappa for full-chrome, chrome retan, semichrome and full-veg leathers from all substrates. It gives mellow bounce with good softness when used in combination with other penetrative fatliquors for the manufacture of garment nappa, glove and upholstery from cow, buff, goat and sheep. It is compatible with commonly used syntans, vegetable extract powders, polymers and with other anionic fatliquors in all ratios, making it more suitable to be applied any where in the retanning process.

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Glutaraldehyde is an organic compound. It is used to disinfect medical and dental equipment. It is also used for industrial water treatment and as a chemical preservative. It is sometimes employed in the tanning of leather. Glutaraldehyde is frequently used in biochemistry applications as an amine-reactive homobifunctional crosslinker. Glutaraldehyde is probably the most commonly used EM fixative and is normally supplied at concentrations of 25 or 50% and used at concentrations of 0.5-2%.


KNOX CRYL S133 is an aqueous, soft, acrylic copolymer emulsion, which gives a medium soft thin film. It is a base coat resin binder of fine particle size, which is penetrative. It is also a total tacky free binder, which improves dry and wet rub properties, after finishing. KNOX CRYL S133 is also suitable for impregnation and gives leather an improved break without undue hardening. KNOX CRYL S133 can be used in the application of gloving leather upholstery and nappa leather for garments. KNOX CRYL S133 can be used along with KNOX CRYL MS130 and KNOX CRYL C136, for better up - gradation in finishing.

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KNOX PRO FG187 can be used in glaze and resin finishing systems. It gives high gloss, even and rich look, smooth handle and a good dry and wet rub fastness after fixing with a suitable fixing agent. KNOX PRO FG187 facilitates a smooth and good grain filling effect.KNOX PRO FG187 can be used as an additive for resin finishing and being non - thermoplastic, reduces the tackiness under the influence of heat. The finish thus, becomes more even and resistant to scuffing.KNOX PRO FG187 is a protein binder for shoe uppers and leather goods which forms a smooth, good touch, medium - hard, very transparent glazeable film, used either in the intermediate coats or in top coats to confer good brightness to the leather. KNOX PRO FG187 is easy to fix with normal formaldehyde solutions. KNOX PRO FG187 is applied by spray guns mixed with the binders and auxiliaries required by the article that is to be achieved.

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