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KNOX PRO FG187 can be used in glaze and resin finishing systems. It gives high gloss, even and rich look, smooth handle and a good dry and wet rub fastness after fixing with a suitable fixing agent. KNOX PRO FG187 facilitates a smooth and good grain filling effect.KNOX PRO FG187 can be used as an additive for resin finishing and being non - thermoplastic, reduces the tackiness under the influence of heat. The finish thus, becomes more even and resistant to scuffing.KNOX PRO FG187 is a protein binder for shoe uppers and leather goods which forms a smooth, good touch, medium - hard, very transparent glazeable film, used either in the intermediate coats or in top coats to confer good brightness to the leather. KNOX PRO FG187 is easy to fix with normal formaldehyde solutions. KNOX PRO FG187 is applied by spray guns mixed with the binders and auxiliaries required by the article that is to be achieved.

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KNOX PRO MS185 is a protein based non - thermoplastic medium soft binder used for glazed and polishing finish.KNOX PRO MS185 is a medium viscosity solution which produces good rubbing fastness, high lustre, and smooth handle on glaze finishes after fixing formalin. It gives a high gloss& soft elastic film thus giving a very natural look and pleasant feel to the finished leather.KNOX PRO MS185 can be used as a general purpose protein in all resin finishes. It can be readily fixed and very well plated.

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KNOXCRYL MS130 has an excellent adhesion to the leather surface. It imparts a smooth feel with good filling, good wet and dry rub fastness properties. KNOXCRYL MS130 produces thin film with slight body resulting in smooth surface. KNOXCRYL MS130 thus thickened finds application in curtain coating of leathers as well as in finishing of splits.KNOXCRYL MS130 can be used either alone or as main component of a binder mixture on almost all types of leather because it flow out evenly.KNOXCRYL MS130 can be used in the application of corrected and full grain leather and also for splits and for smooth finishes. KNOXCRYL MS130 can also be used for garment leather which gives good covering without affecting the feel. This product can be used along with the combination of our KNOXCRYL 133 and KNOXCRYL C136.

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KNOXCRYL MS135 is a free flowing emulsion.It has a fine particle size and the film displays high elasticity.It is compatible with all anionic finishing auxiliaries. KNOXCRYL MS135 is also suitable for all types of leathers where loading of grain is not desirable. The binder has good wet and dry rub resistance and also has good flexural endurance. KNOXCRYL MS135 facilitates plating at elevated temperature to obtain excellent grain clarity.KNOXCRYL MS135 can be used in the combination of KNOXCRYL MS130 and KNOXCRYL C136 for corrected and full grain of uppers & splits. It is also suitable for all types of leathers where loading of grain is not desirable.

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Kurtalicker FG

Kurtalicker FG is sulphited fatliquor used for automotive upholstery leathers.

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Kurtalicker SR

Kurtalicker SR is a high stable sulphited fatliquor for soft leathers.

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Phosphoman-235 is an organophosphonic acid compound exhibiting excellent sequestration of metal ions at stoichiometric concentration and threshold inhibition of metal salt precipitation at sub-stoichiometric concentrations. The ability of Phosphoman-235 to deflocculate or disperse solid particles combined with its temperature and hydrolytic stability makes it a versatile ingredient for applications requiring efficient metal ion control.


RATNACIDE B-40 is used as fresh hide preservation. Hide should be washed to remove dirt, dung & blood prior to application of RATNACIDE B-40. Maximum preservation of 7 days is possible using RATNACIDE B-40. It is compatible with all soaking and unhairing agents. It is rapidly absorbed by the hide surface. It has low order and low toxicity.

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RATNAFIX - NDF is concentrated cationic non-formaldehyde based dye fixing agent for use in leather industry. It is based on aliphatic amine derivative. Unlike conventional dye fixing agents, it does not impair 'light fastness' as well as dyeing shades. It provides no adverse effect on handle/ feel. It improves considerably the wet rub fastness properties of dyeing. Depending on the depth of dye shade desired, recommended dosage is 0.5 – 2%.

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Resil DPLF 094

Resil DPLF 094 is a fat liquor compatible silicone emulsion which is specially formulated to be used as feel modifier for leather. It is designed to provide superior soft bulky hand feel on leather during fat liquoring process, and also can be used in topcoat liquor at the finishing stage.

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