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Resil DPLF 177

Resil DPLF 177 is a fat liquor compatible silicone emulsion, which is specially formulated to be used for soft, dry feel on leather. It imparts silky, slippery and smooth touch on the leather. It enhances resistance to wet and dry rubs.

Rockytan R-DLE

Rockytan R-DLE is a phenolic condensation product.It imparts them a fullness and lightfastness.It is suitable for all kinds of leathers .

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Sasyntan-CBJ-3 is a synthetic tanning agent for bleaching of vegetable tanned leather to a pale color, particularly suitable for E-I type of leather.

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Sasyntan-CBJ-4 gives pale color leather with yellow tinge. It is used for sole harness, saddlery or other vegetable tannaged industrial leather.

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Super Tan SB 6

Super Tan SB 6 is a melamine and aliphatic nitrogen compound for re-tranning of all types of leather. It gives good fullness & light fastness.

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TRICONOL F-801 is an excellent, economical fat liquoring and waterproofing agent for chrome or combination tanned shoe upper and garment leathers. Recommended usage is 8 - 14% for shoe upper and 12 -16% for garment leathers, based on wet shaved weight. For best results, fixation with mineral tanning agents is recommended. For a better waterproof, complete neutralization to a pH of 5.2 or lower is necessary.

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TRIDEGREASER T is a low foaming degreasing and dispersing agent specifically designed for water proof leathers. It is a fast and efficient wetting and rewetting agent at low or high temperatures. It is stable to relatively strong solutions of acetic and formic acids and has a good stability to alkalinity. It has excellent stability to heat and will not lose it’s properties at high temperature. It is not stable to chromium salts.

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Tysyntan T-130

Tysyntan T-130 is a resin tanning agent .It is suitable for producing smooth grained leather.

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Tysyntan T-150

Tysyntan T-150 is a synthetic resin tanning agent. It imparts medium fullness and good softness to the leather. Tysyntan T-150 improves buffing properties of the leather.

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Tysyntan TFX-L

Tysyntan TFX-L is a aqueous solution of salts of phenolic sulphonic acid condensate. It gives good fullness, grain feeling and softness to the leather. It can be used for white leather manufacturing. It produces soft grained and compact fiber structured leather.

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