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LZK 187

LZK 187 is slow to medium Barium-Zinc Kicker for leathers.

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LZK 731

LZK 731 is medium to fast potassium/ zinc kicker for leathers.

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Levotan is a range of polymeric softening and retanning agents for leather. Depending upon the stage of processing,different Levotan products can be used to make soft leather, help improve chrome exhaustion, improve dyeing, get tighter grain, produce leathers with good milling, and enhance their sheen and touch (for suedes).

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Savinyl is having properties like metal complex dyes, high to moderate light fastness, high color strength, transparency and brilliancy, standardized in polar organic solvents.

WE 15-A

WE 15-A in leather the wax emulsion is used to reduce tackiness, mould release and reduces hardness in leather.

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Xylenes are clear, flammable liquids with a sweet odor that are found in paints, inks, adhesives and pesticides.It encompasses ortho-, meta-, and para- isomers of dimethyl benzene.Xylenes used as a cleaner or degreaser of metals.It also used in printing, rubber, leather, chemical, plastics, and synthetic fibers.

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ACTAN AP is a amphoteric syntan.It gives early retanning during neutralization.

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ACTAN BW is a lightfast white syntan, for the production of pure white crust.

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ACTAN HF is a dihydroxydiphenylsulfone syntan.It is used fortanning and retanning.It gives lightfastness.

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ACTAN OM is a chrome organic syntan.It is used for pretanning, tanning and retanning.

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