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RATNA DEGREASOL OD is high performance and eco-friendly degreasing, soaking, liming and deliming agent. It is very effective degreasing agent for all types of leathers and fur skins. It is universal in its application as it can be used in all stages of leather and fur processing. Its performance is unaffected by pH. It shows high emulsion stability at any pH and extremely low dosage is required. It is readily biodegradable & very much eco-friendly due to its low dosage.

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RATNA DEGREASOL WB is an efficient degreasing agent, based on anionic polyglycol ether blends containing very small percentage of special solvent. It finds use in the degreasing of pelt, wet blue hides and skins and EI tanned leathers. Besides being an effective degreasing agent, removes patches in back bone dyeing of suedes and disperses chrome efficiently.

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Rockdefoam DMS-100

Rockdefoam DMS-100 is a dimethyl polysiloxane and silanes based high active silicone defoamer. It is used in aqueous and non-aqueous systems.

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TEX PRESERVE FP 90 is PCP free, wide spectrum fungicide. It has good resistance against fungus growth in wet Blue Hides and Skins. It is water miscible and can be applied in leather processing at various stages from soaking to finishing. It should be dissolved in water and such emulsions should be used immediately to get good results. Stock solutions can be in the range of 8% - 10% dilute with water.

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m-Phenylenediamine is an aromatic amine. It is an isomer of o-phenylenediamine and p-phenylenediamine. It is used in the preparation various polymers including aramid fibers, epoxy resins, wire enamel coatings and polyurea elastomers. Other uses for m-phenylenediamine include as an accelerator for adhesive resins, and as a component for hair dyes and dyes for leather and textiles.

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4-Bromo-2,6-xylenol is used in formulating bactericides and biocides with wide range of surfactants, chlorinated phenols, sulphur and quaternary ammonium compounds. It is used as a preservatives for coatings, slurries and to control microbial fouling in paper mills, oil field and leather process and water treatment process against microbial attack.

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Astacin Hardener CA

Astacin Hardener CA is a crosslinking agent for aqueous finishes based on polycarbodiimide. It enhances the pattern retention when the leather is embossed, imparts higher wet rubfastness and improved stability against hydrolysis. It brings about a substantial reduction in the tack of base coats and top coats that have been cross linked with isocyanate.

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Astacin Hardener CN

Astacin Hardener CN is highly concentrated isocyanate crosslinking agent for use in aqueous finishes. It is very easy to mix into finishes. It fulfills the highest standards of fastness.

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Corial Binder FB-UB

Corial Binder FB-UB is a soft, acrylic binder that forms a transparent film with brilliant look and good gloss. It can cater to season coats on all types of articles, especially with aniline requirement.

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Lepton Filler LB-ST

Lepton Filler LB-ST is used as auxiliary for extremely soft leathers, such as clothing and upholstery nappa. It improves the leveling, filling and the uniformity of the surface, providing a pleasant touch and a natural look.

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