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Tysyntan TN

Tysyntan TN is an amphoteric syntan & can be used in chrome tannage, neutralisation,retanning, dyeing & fatliquoring.It imparts medium fullness & good softness to the leather.

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Tysyntan TNG

Tysyntan TNG neutralises leather at fairly low pH retaining grain tightness.It penetrate into chrome complex & improves quality of chrome leather.

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Tysyntan TNG-P

Tysyntan TNG-P neutralises leather at fairly low pH retaining grain tightness.It is moderately lightfast & gives level dyeing without weakening the dye intensity.It is non-astringent and gives excellent grain smoothness and fineness.

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Tysyntan TO

Tysyntan TO can be used along with vegetable & resin tanning agent to give tight well filled leather.It accelerates the rate of penetration & lightens the shade of vegetable tanned leather.It has good leveling effect on the dyeing & is particularly suitable for paler shades.

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Tysyntan TRN

Tysyntan TRN is intended specially for the manufacture of soft leather. It is a combination of chrome-syntan complex and neutralizing agent which react slowly and thus increase the basicity of the chrome before fixing on leather with a mild neutralizing effect.

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Tywax H-15

Tywax H-15 inhibits tackiness of the finished leather on plating.It gives smooth and slightly waxy feel to the leather.It is very useful for leather finishing and can be used for burnishing effect.

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Tywax S-15

Tywax S-15 is a high stability wax emulsion.It is suitable to be used in base coat as well as aqueous sealing coats.It is very useful for finishing of upholstery leather and in ground formulations for garment leather.

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VECOPLAST AM is a filling, levelling and anti-sticking agent. It gives to leather finishings, especially buffed leather, a good fullness keeping excellent adhesion. It enhances the covering and the levelling of the applied mixtures, improving the scratch resistance and reducing the tackiness. The grain keeps a very natural aspect.

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VECOPLAST M is a matting, filling, softening and anti-sticking auxiliary. It gives the nappa skins (upholstery etc.) softness, excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion during dry milling, keeps an excellent finishing adhesion and good embossing properties. It does not thicken the base coat mixtures and increases the levelling of the finishing. The product is used specifically for upholstery. It avoids stickness of polymeric binders to hot ironing and piling. With VECOPLAST M it can be possible to embossy without intermediate passage.

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VECOPLAST STUCCO SH is a lightweight acrylic filler that covers very well but does not load the skin. It is mostly used on upholstery and upper shoe leather to cover and rebuff defects as scratches, abrasions, scars, wrinkles, etc. It is normally applied by spatula before or between buffing. The rebuffing is excellent. The adhesion on leather is excellent, it does not swell in water, it has good embossy properties, good resistance to dry milling and also good wet and dry flexometer values.

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