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Acid red 88

Acid red 88 is used an dye intermediate and also it is used in dyeing of leather.

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Acid red 97

Acid red 97 is mainly used for bulk hair, cloth, wool, silk, nylon, leather, paper, metal etc.

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Acipol SS-17

Acipol SS-17 is a semi synthetic fat based on fatty acid ester & natural oils and is a functional substitute for neats foot oil based fatliquor. It is used for shoe upper leathers.

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Acirol MLX-S

Acirol MLX-S is a sulfited blend of natural & synthetic fish oil. It is used for nappa leathers, upholstery and all chrome-tanned leathers up to 2-3%.

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Acirol SPF

Acirol SPF is a semi synthetic fatliquor. It is a functional substitute for sulfited sperm oil based fatliquor. It can be used for uppers (2 -3 %), nappa leathers (4-5%), upholstery (4-5%) and cow softy linings.

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Acirol VLX-S

Acirol VLX-S is semi synthetic sulfited blend of modified vegetable & synthetic oils. It is used for all chrome and vegetable tanned very soft leathers. It can also be used in rechroming stage.

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Acrofin Beige PKAL

Acrofin Beige PKAL is highly concentrated, non-ionic and casein free fine particle size pigment dispersion.It is mostly used as non-ionic and casein free pigment dispersion.

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Agent AT-86

Agent AT-86 is a kind of high effect multi-use organic silicon compound defoaming agent. It is suitable for the production, processing and improving of products. Agent AT-86 is Organ opolysiloxane mixture, it is recommended to use in non-water system. It has small solubility in water or low level alcohol while it is benzene, methylbenzene and mineral oil. Agent AT-86 is used in rubber latex and lubricants production, foodstuff processing and leather industry.

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