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Dyfill PF

Dyfill PF imparts excellent uniformity throughout the leather, together with filling action it imparts very good fullness, roundness, a tight break and soft handle. Dyfill PF is reactive protein filler for use on softer tannages including garment leather. It imparts soft fullness, good roundness, tight break and soft silky feel, uniform look, good buffing properties and improved finishing. Dyfill PF can be used for almost all type of leather, chrome tanned, vegetable tanned and combination tanned, either full grain of corrected grain leathers. Dyfill PF imparts maximum filling in the loosest part of the leather i.e. belly and flank area ensuring tight grain. It can be added as dry powder. It can be used 2 to 4 % depending on type of leather produced and result desired.

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Eco CM-57

Eco CM-57 is an aqueous dispersion of specially selected organic fillers in the wax media.

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Eco CM-65

Eco CM-65 is an aqueous dispersion of specially selected fillers in the wax media.

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Eusapon W

Eusapon W is low-foaming surfactant used to speed up the soaking of salted and dried skins. It provides excellent wetting power.

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FILLER AK helps to cover defects and yields a smooth touch to the finished leather. It also reduces the tackiness and helps in better plate release. FILLER AK, by virtue of its high viscosity does not sink into the surface and thus, is ideally suitable for split and resin finishing.FILLER AK is of medium softness, has a matting effect and produces well filled leather surface with remarkably well settled appearance. It is compatible with all normal grounding products.FILLER AK can be used for finishing all types of uppers in base and main coat season, mainly to cover defects. It gives a smooth touch to the finished leather and improves plate release.

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Filler 50

Filler 50 is an aqueous emulsion of specially selected blend of soft waxes which is generally used in base / feel coat applications. FILLER 50 improves plate release & stacking properties of finished leather and is suitable for wide range of leathers. It provides good filling properties & soft, waxy, natural feel to the treated leather. FILLER 50 finds its main use in soft leathers like nappa due to its excellent masking properties and feel. It has no impact on shine of finish.

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Filler 65

FILLER 65 is an inorganic filling agent containing waxes. FILLER 65 provides good coverage and up-gradation without excessive loading of grain and hence is suitable for full grain l& corrected grain leathers. FILLER 65 imparts additional stretch, smoothness, waxy touch and good plating properties to the finish.

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Filler KT

FILLER KT is mildly cationic waxy filler based on carefully selected ingredients, which can be used as an auxiliary for polishing pre-grounds and as a feel modifier. FILLER KT may also be used alone, or in combination with other modifiers like Finish M 45 and Celina 34 KT, as final feel coat on finished leathers to impart permanent waxy feel.

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GASIL 23D is a synthetic amorphous silica. GASIL 23D in primer coats of diazo papers, to provide absorptive layer for active chemicals, thickening agent, viscosity modifier, antiblocking of high clarity polypropylene and pvc films, anti-caking agent for foods, pharmaceuticals and fine powders.

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Hostaperm are organic powder pigments. Hostaperm is having excellent fastness properties.


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