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Hostaperm are organic powder pigments. Hostaperm is having excellent fastness properties.

JKtan FB6

JKtan FB6 is a melamine based resin tanning agent. It is a lightfast retanning agent for producing soft leathers possessing distinctly improved fullness and good dyeing properties.

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Lithopone is a white pigment, a mixture of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide. It is widely used for the white paint such as polyolefin, vinyl resins, ABS resin, polystyrene, polycarbonate, nylon, POM, plastic, paint and ink. It is also used for the coloration of the rubber, cloth, leather, paper, colored enamel, etc.

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Luron Top

Luron Top is a tough top coat that responds well to embossing. It is especially appropriate for use in finishes applied to aniline leather.

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Mardan 20

Mardan 20 is a highly sulfated blend of marine and synthetic oils. It is used for making very soft leathers with a rather dry feel. As a general purpose fatliquor, it can be formulated with many other types of oils to produce upholstery leathers, milled leathers, shoe upper, soft deerskin, goatskin, pigskin and calf. It produces leathers with a clean and level grain surface. It is an excellent oil to use in production of milled leathers with a uniform pattern. It can be used as a prefat in tanning and retanning formulas.

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Mardol 55

Mardol 55 is a sulfated blend of marine and petroleum oils. It is an economical fatliquor which can be used alone or in combination with other types of oils to make industrial work glove, work boot, handsewn and milled leathers.

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Mardol PF

Mardol PF is based on synthetic sulfited ester and high molecular weight hydrocarbons. This product is an anionic, electrolyte-stable fatliquor for use in the pickle, tannage, retannage and in the main fatliquor. It is also suitable for skins and furs and due to its low affinity for the hair it does not make greasy hair or fur. The electrolyte stability of the product gives it good penetrating and emulsifying powers, excellent dye-ability and wetting back properties. The product gives exceptional softness.

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Poptan DI

Poptan DI is a synthetic replacement tanning agent. It can be used for both self tannage and combination tannage in conjunction with vegetable tannins. It is also suitable for retaning chrome leather and for getting a very pale coloured light fast tannage. It possesses dispersing properties and it is very useful in vegetable tanning of goat skin, buffalo and cow sides providing the leathers better colour, fullness and smooth grain. In rapid tanning process, addition of it produces leathers with tight grain and mellow handle.

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Tycol TDL

Tycol TDL is acrylic retanning agent.It is suitable for producing fuller, softer and round leather.

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Tycol TRE

Tycol TRE is very effective retanning agent.It is specially suitable for leathers with loose structure.

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