Levelling Agents neutralize electrostatic attraction between textile dyes


Finocon CLA 100

Finocon CLA 100 is an versatile levelling agent for dyeing process acrylic fibres with cationic dyes.

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RUCOGAL IPM 200 has a excellent levelling effects and suitable for all discontinuous vat dyeing processes.

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Syntholevel DFT

Syntholevel DFT is a levelling & dispersing agent for disperse dyeing.

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ARDITEX RS TRADE is a general purpose, latex Sub-floor levelling and smoothing compound. It is used for levelling and smoothing internal, sound sub-floors Such as concrete, cement and sand screeds, terrazzo and tiles prior to the installation of floor coverings.ARDITEX RS TRADE is suitable for thicknesses from 1.5mm up to 6mm.ARDITEX RS TRADE is not designed for thick applications.ARDITEX RS TRADE powder contains a reducing agent to control the level of Chromium VI when mixed prior to use.

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Axcelerator E5LP

Axcelerator E5LP is an levelling agent for polyester dyeing. Also acts as stripping agent when used in higher dosage.

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Axcelerator E5LW

Axcelerator E5LW is a levelling agent for 1:2 premetalised dyestuffs.

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Consolevel JBT-M

Consolevel JBT-M is a low foam anionic type leveling agent and penetrant, with excellent dispersing properties.


DISPERSANT R -34 is a dispersing/leveling agent applicable for dyeing polyester by low-liquor ratio rapid dyeing operations. It is suitable for yarn dyeing.

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Ardex Floor Level is a free flowing levelling compound designed for levelling and smoothing a wide range of sub-floor types including cement/sand screeds, gypsum screeds and concrete prior to applying floor tiles. It is useful when fixing large format floor tiles which require a very flat sub-floor. Ardex Floor Level contains high quality synthetic resins, special cements and selected fillers so that when mixed with water, a fluid, easily trowelled mortar is produced. Ardex Floor Level will help level and smooth in a single application uneven internal sub-floors such as concrete, cement/sand screeds, gypsum screeds.

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Ethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether

Ethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether used as the solvent for nitrocellulose, painting and printing ink. It can be used as paint deleting solvent, levelling agent for fiber and leathers, synthetic resin. It can also used used as solvent for crylic acid resin, methyl crylic acid resin, epoxy resin, nitryl cellulose and ethylene cellulose as well as extraction agent for medicine industry, lubricant additive, paint deleting agent.

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