Levelling Agents neutralize electrostatic attraction between textile dyes


Krisil RLA

Krisil RLA is a novel leveling agent for the dyeing of reactive dyes on cellulose, with multiple properties. It is a mixture of surfactants, which controls hardness causing ions or heavy metal ions introduced into the dye bath by the textile, the water, the salt, the alkali and the dyestuffs.It prevents agglomeration of dye particles during dyeing and ensures uniform dispersion of dye hydrolysates hence, avoid the related quality problems.

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LEVEGAL PL is a levelling and synchronizing agent for dyeing polyester with disperse dyes.

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Polcol-LVX is an levelling agent for vat dyeing.

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Pomoco 177

Pomoco 177 is a sodium nitro-benzene sulfonate blend with other assistants to minimize hydolysis of reactive dyes in long baths.

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Pomoco FRL

Pomoco FRL is a phosphate-free liquid alkali for fiber reactive dyes.

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Pomoco TXF

Pomoco TXF is a disperse dye leveling agent that also delivers lubrication and some softening.

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Pomolev EC

Pomolev EC is a leveler for vat dyes for maximum dye dispersion and penetration.

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Texdye LFN

Texdye LFN is a low foam dispersing / levelling agent for use primarily in dying nylon with anionic dyestuffs, but is also suitable for dyeing wool / nylon blends. It functions as a levelling agent both by temporarily blocking the dye sites and by forming a complex with the anionic dyestuff which reduces the rate of uptake of dye by the fibre, thus resulting in consistent level dyeing.

Texdye NWL

Texdye NWL is a universally applicable dispersing and levelling agent for all types of dyes on wool and nylon.


ABROLAV-ADR is an anionic leveling agent for reactive dyes.

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