Levelling Agents neutralize electrostatic attraction between textile dyes


Harshol DLP

Harshol DLP is a powerful dispersing ,levelling cum penetrating agent for rapid high temperature dyeing of polyester fabric. Harshol DLP works as an assistant for disperse dye migration ensuring good levelling during dyeing. Harshol DLP also allows dyes solubilising for efficient stripping or correction of faulty dyeing.

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KAPPAVON FB is a levelling agent for dyeing of polyester fibres and their blends and produces a consistent absorption of disperse dyestuffs on the fibre.

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LEVEGAL BLD is a one-shot pre-buffered levelling, synchronizing and dispersing agent for dyeing polyester with disperse dyes.

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Leveler XCP

Leveler XCP is a leveling agent especially formulated for the direct and reactive rotary dyeing of garments.

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Lixatron DK

Lixatron DK is a levelling agent for direct, sulphur and vat dyes.

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Lixatron ER

Lixatron ER is a levelling agent for dyeing with reactive dyes on cellulosic fibres.

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Lixatron NL

Lixatron NL is a versatile levelling, dispersing & cleaning agent for dyeing machine

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Lixatron PE

Lixatron PE is a dye bath additive with excellent levelling & dispersing action.

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Lixatron SN

Lixatron SN is an levelling agent for 1:2 premetalised dyestuffs.

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Medenol APL

Medenol APL is a cationic liquid levelling for controlling the rate of strike when dyeing wool and nylon with acid and 2:1 pre-metallised dyes. Medenol APL maintains good color yield.

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