Levelling Agents neutralize electrostatic attraction between textile dyes



Polycol-RLA is an levelling agents used in textile industry.

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Polycol-SRD is an levelling agent for acrylic dyeing.

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Pomoco 1014

Pomoco 1014 is a strike accelerating agent for the processing of acrylic where maximum depth of shade is desired with minimum processing time.

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Pomoco C47Q

Pomoco C47Q is a new generation product which virtually eliminates the downstream effects of trimer.

Pomoco CLRR

Pomoco CLRR is a non-reductive after-clear for improving wash and crock fastness.

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Pomoco CMPA

Pomoco CMPA is a extremely concentrated nylon retarder for the processing of both yarns and carpet.

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Pomoco PC 1

Pomoco PC 1 is a butyl Benzoate-based carrier for polyester and triacetate.

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Pomolev AYM

Pomolev AYM is a combination of wetter, leveler, and retarder for dyeing acrylic fabrics.

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Pomolev GPL

Pomolev GPL is a disperse dyes of high performance polyester leveling agent showing excellent dispersion of disperse dyes. Pomolev GPL serves as an excellent lubricant and trimer suppressor.

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Pomolev NHM

Pomolev NHM is a retarding-type leveling agent for acid dyes on nylon.

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