Levelling Agents neutralize electrostatic attraction between textile dyes



RUCOGAL SBM is a very good levelling power,high dispersing capacity,covers differences in affinity when dyeing PES.

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RUCOGAL SUR has a good levelling power.It is for all discontinuous dyeing processes.

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SONAFAB DFT is a levelling agent, having dispersing excellent property. It gives uniform dyeing with better colour yield especially for polyester dyeing.

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SONAFAB RVL is used as levelling agent for reactive dyeing, on 100% cotton and blended fabrics.

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Buffer MSP 3

Buffer MSP 3 is a phosphate-free buffering agent for acid dye systems.

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Lixatron DFT

Lixatron DFT is used as an levelling agent for Polyester dyeing.It is also acts as stripping agent when used in higher dosage.

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Lixatron NLN

Lixatron NLN is a versatile levelling, dispersing & cleaning agent for dyeing machines.

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Lixatron SET

Lixatron SET is a Levelling agent for the lanaset dyeing system.

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Lixatron VLH

Lixatron VLH is a levelling cum stripping agent for vat dyes.

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LyzerSpin SR

LyzerSpin SR is an excellent stain remover that can be used in jet dyeing operation for simultaneous dyeing & stain removal. It also prevents rope marks, acts as a defoamer & leveling agent during dyeing. At the end of dyeing operation it acts as a reduction clearing agent. LyzerSpin SR can also be used as effective stain remover either in scouring or peroxide or souring bath. It can also be applied by spotting & padding techniques.

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