Levelling Agents neutralize electrostatic attraction between textile dyes



POLYGEN- DFT is an levelling / stripping agent for disperse dyeing.

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ARDEX K15-HB is an advanced and versatile high build levelling compound designed for applications from 5mm up to a maximum of 35mm. It is virtually tension free and is designed to rapidly level uneven, hard sub-floors. It is used in conjunction with either ARDEX P 82, ARDEX P51 or ARDEX P 4 primers, ARDEX K15-HB can be applied to old sub-floors.ARDEX K15-HB is a grey powder consisting of special cements, graded aggregates and high quality synthetic resins.ARDEX K15-HB is especially useful where the installation time of the floor finish must be kept to a minimum.

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Carrier DPO 1

Carrier DPO 1 is a powerful migrating additive, designed for repair work and use after machine tangles.

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Consolevel AC

Consolevel AC is a nonionic dyeing assistant and leveler for dyeing cationic dyestuff on acrylic and basic dyeable polyester fibers. It is effective in both conventional and pressure dyeing equipment to produce full color yields with excellent leveling.

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Consolevel NH

Consolevel NH is a blend of versatile surface active agents formulated to be used as a textile dyeing assistant for all areas of dyeing in both atmospheric and pressure dye equipment. It is an effective wetting, penetrating, leveling and dye bath lubricant.

Consos Castor

Consos Castor is an anionic fatty derivative, which has excellent leveling properties when used to dye nylon, polyester, or cellulosic knit goods with acid dye stuff. It prevents streaks and crack marks caused by the mechanical action of the dye equipment.

Eganal PS Liq

Eganal PS Liq is a anionic, levelling agent with dispersing properties for disperse dyes and it is environmentally friendly reducing agent with detergent action. Eganal PS Liq is composed of linear polycondensate.

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Lixatron LDVR

Lixatron LDVR is a speciality levelling agent for reactive, direct dyes on cellulosics. Also assists in levelling of vat dyes P/C,C,Non Cotton & Viscose and acid dyes on nylon.

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Pomoco RL 537

Pomoco RL 537 is a new generation acrylic leveler with lower BOD-COD ratings than traditional retarder leveler systems.

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Pomolev CB 31

Pomolev CB 31 is a anionic migrating agent for acid dyes on nylon.

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