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PRODUCTO CB-101 is a high-detergency alkaline cleaner concentrate. It is designed for precision cleaning of copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel. It is intended primarily for use in the removal of coolants, machining fluids and honing oils from copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel parts. It is also suitable for use with certain types of plastics. It is designed for use in dip, immersion or ultrasonic cleaning baths.

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PRODUCTO FC-99 PINK is a heavy duty high detergency liquid industrial floor cleaning compound. It is ideal for use in mechanical floor scrubbers as well as mop/bucket and hand scrubbing operations. This product will effectively remove grease, oil and shop dirt from machinery, floors, walls and other hard surfaces. It has excellent wetting characteristics and can also be used on plastics and glass.

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PRODUCTO SP-220 is a water-based non-foaming liquid detergent and corrosion inhibitor formulated specifically for use in cleaning polished, machined steel parts in high pressure spray washers. It is formulated from organic soaps and is manufactured using deionized water. It does not contain phosphates. It is intended primarily for use in the removal of coolants, machining fluids and honing oils from machined steel surfaces. It is ashless making it ideal for use in washers prior to heat treat ovens.

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Solujet is a highly alkaline liquid detergent containing potassium hydroxide, silicate of soda and surfactants. It is a nonionic, low foaming phosphate free liquid cleaner for use in labware washers, manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Its corrosion inhibited formula is recommended for glassware, metals, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, rubber and fiberglass. It is used to remove soil, radioisotopes, radioactivity, organics, grit, grime, slime, grease, tars, resins, fats, oils, blood, tissue, particulates, inorganic residues, chemical and solvents.

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