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VANLUBE RI-BSN lubricant additive is a neutral barium salt of high purity synthetic dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid. It is a classic amphiphilic molecule with a strong polar group for metal surface affinity at one end, and an oleophilic portion of dinonylnaphthalene at the other end to form a surface protective monolayer. It is oil- and solvent-soluble. It can be used in most petroleum-based products and many synthetic oil-based products, including those using PAO and synthetic esters as base stocks. It is also compatible with additives such as antioxidants, antiwear and extreme pressure agents, and other corrosion inhibitors used in industrial oils and greases. It can be used in a wide variety of lubricant applications where excellent rust inhibition and water resistance are needed. It can be used in industrial oils, greases and rust preventives for metal parts from metalworking processes, either oil- or solvent-based.

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VANLUBE TK-132 lubricant additive, a solution of polyisobutylene diluted in light colored naphthenic oil, provides lubricants and greases with the property of tackiness or stringiness.

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VANLUBE W 324 lubricant additive is an organotungstate which is soluble in petroleum fuels and lubricants. It is an effective general-purpose, sulfur and phosphorus-free antioxidant and antiwear agent for a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants.

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