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Sodium 2-Ethylhexyl Sulfate

Sodium 2-Ethylhexyl Sulfate is used as wetting agent in electroplating,used as mercerizing agent in textile industry,intermediates for Nickel electroplating,suitable for air agitation.

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Wetting Agent for Textile

  1. Turbowet PLF - premium low foaming nonionic wetting agent cum detergent.
  2. Turbowet ULF - low foaming nonionic wetting agent for good scouring.
  3. Turbowet PLE - low foaming nonionic wetting,scouring and solubilising agent.
  4. Turbowet 3000 - wetting agent cum detergent for jigger, winch and drum washing machines.
  5. Turbowet MR55 - non-cresylic mercerising wetting agent.

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YOGEE MRS is a alkali-soluble Wetting / Penetrating agent for use in Mercerizing and Causticizing liquors. YOGEE MRS is highly efficient on grey Cotton Yarn and Fabric. YOGEE MRS is also Wetting and Penetrating agent in Caustic solution At Mercerizing concentration of 25-300.

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