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What are Metal Treatment Chemicals?

Metal treatment chemical involves the preparation of metal parts for painting and coating. A physical barrier is created through these processes with the help of metal treatment chemicals that protect the metal against corrosion. There are many steps involved in metal treatment chemicals process. Pre-treatments chemicals find cleaning, rinsing and conditioning applications before painting of metal is carried out.


Types of Metal Treatment Chemicals

- Degreasers

Degreaser is a formulation that finds various industrial applications.Metal treatment chemicals suppliers supply the chemicals to metal industries, where they are used to remove grease, grime, dirt, polishing products and organic compounds from surfaces of iron and its alloys with copper, nickel and bronze. 

- Chromating agents

Chromating agents are used for coating reactive metals such as copper, magnesium, aluminum, cadmium, zinc, silver, steel and tin alloys. Chromating agents are primarily used to provide protection against corrosion. They are also used to retain electrical conductivity as well as a primer and a decorative finish.

- Paint Strippers

Industries such as aviation industrybuy metal treatment chemicals like paint strippers for removing coatings, paints and finishes in order toinspect aircraft’s landing gear for cracks in aluminum.

- Rust Preventives

Rustpreventives are metal treatment chemicals used for delaying the rusting process of steel and iron objects. It also serves a permanent solution for corrosion protection. This metal treatment chemical finds applications in the automobile industry.

- Surface Conditioners

Various industrial sectors buy metal surfaceconditioners from metal treatment chemicals suppliers for deburring and cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This type of metal treatment chemical provides temporary corrosion prevention.

- Metal Finishing Chemicals

Metal finishing chemicals find numerous industrial applications, which alter the surface chemistry of a product manufactured to achieve a certain characteristic. Manufacturers buy metal finishing chemicals for improving the corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, hardness, appearance and adhesion of metals.

- Metal Working Fluids

Metal working fluids are sold by metal treatment chemicals suppliers to various industries. These chemicals find applications in drilling, grinding and cutting operations of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.


Where to Buy Metal Treatment Chemicals?

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