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Butyl Oleate

Butyl Oleate is a pale-yellow clear liquid with the formula C22H42O2 and is classified as a member of the fatty acid ester with a carbon-carbon unsaturated double bond. It is a specialty industry chemical, finding uses in various versatile industries like plasticizer, lubricating oil additives, wetting agent and industrial solvents.

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CIMFLO 78 is a synthetic emulsion product designed for drawing and ironing tin-plated steel cans. It provides excellent lubricity, rust control, and microbial control. This product may also be used as a cupper lubricant for tin-plated steel cans. It provides freedom from corrosion of cans, body makers, and other system components even under high humidity conditions in an enclosed machine.

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CIMSTAR 10-565VLC is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid which was developed for use on ferrous and most non-ferrous materials. It can be used on mild steels, stainless steels, hardened steels, exotic materials and most aluminum alloys. It should not be used on magnesium alloys.

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CIMSTAR 540Z is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid. It was developed for use on cast iron, nodular iron, carbon steels, and most aluminum alloys. It maintains control of bacteria and mold resulting in extended fluid life. It can be used on a wide variety of metals and operations and it is easy to maintain and control.

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CLEANALUM is an acid product for efficient cleaning of aluminum and its alloys. It provides a fast elimination of oxide deposits and other dirts, to be used preferably through immersion.

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CONTROX 249 DV is a cold paint remover on a solvent base and is used for removing hardened coatings on ferrous metal parts. It exhibits optimum paint-removing action when applied to stoved and air dried synthetic-resin paints, plastic coatings, stoved water based paints and hardened two-component paints. For reduction of evaporation losses it contains a wax-like cover layer, whose consistency changes between liquid and flaky to clumpy just depending on the ambient temperature.

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CONTROX B 39 is a cold paint stripper in paste form for the removal of stoved and air-dried coatings. It is mainly used when components are too big to be handled by immersion in liquid cold paint strippers. Furthermore it is suitable for repair works on machinery and equipment that cannot be moved from their location. It can be applied even to vertical surfaces. It doesn't drain off. The stripping effect is good against all kinds of paints, NC and synthetic resin lacquers, both stoved and air-dried.

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CONTROX E 230 is a highly effective amine-free hot paint stripper based on caustic potash solution and organic additives. It is suitable for the removal of stoved synthetic resin paints, EC-paints and polyester powder coatings, oil carbon and similar from parts made of iron, steel, magnesium and chemical resistant plastics. It is not suitable for aluminium and zinc parts. It contains inorganic and organic components for the application in immersion baths as well as in spraying equipments. Even at temperatures of 70 - 80 °C a good stripping effect is granted.

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Calcium Fluoride

Calcium Fluoride supplied by Chivine Resources, Inc is the compound that consists of both calcium and fluorine elements. It has the white crystalline solid appearance and occurs naturally in the form of fluorite. Industrially calcium fluoride produced by treating calcium carbonate and hydrofluoric acid. Commercial uses of calcium fluoride finds in the manufacturing of optical components. Buy Calcium Fluoride online from the leading Calcium Fluoride supplier at the reasonable market price.

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