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Britemor 760

Britemor 760 is a post-emulsifiable fluorescent penetrant. It is designed to meet the modern expectations of environmental and personal safety, as well as offering cost savings on transportation and disposal after use.

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CIMSTAR 540Z is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid. It was developed for use on cast iron, nodular iron, carbon steels, and most aluminum alloys. It maintains control of bacteria and mold resulting in extended fluid life. It can be used on a wide variety of metals and operations and it is easy to maintain and control.

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CONTROX B 39 is a cold paint stripper in paste form for the removal of stoved and air-dried coatings. It is mainly used when components are too big to be handled by immersion in liquid cold paint strippers. Furthermore it is suitable for repair works on machinery and equipment that cannot be moved from their location. It can be applied even to vertical surfaces. It doesn't drain off. The stripping effect is good against all kinds of paints, NC and synthetic resin lacquers, both stoved and air-dried.

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Checkmor 240

Checkmor 240 is a new-generation water-washable and solvent removable color contrast penetrant, which is widely used in many industries for the detection of defects which are open to the surface of non-porous parts. It is a high-sensitivity, low-viscosity liquid with excellent surface wetting properties to ensure optimum coverage of the part

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Corrguard SI

Corrguard SI Corrosion Inhibitor is intended for use with aluminum alloys (including AI380), galvanized steel and galvaneal. A unique, multi-functional, and environmentally friendly stain inhibitor, Corrguard SI is both phosphorous and silicate free. Corrguard SI works to keep your important parts clean while also providing emulsification and lubricity properties to further enhance the efficacy of your metalworking fluids.

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Corrguard-95 is a primary amino alcohol that is an efficient neutralizer of acidic ingredients and a leading amine for metalworking fluid formulations where performance matters. CORRGUARD 95 is having certain advantages like cost efficient alkaline ph development and neutralization of acidic components, reduced microbial degradation, stable emulsions at high PH, minimal ammonia release, minimal leaching of cobalt, minimal foam generation, lower contribution to chemical oxygen demand (COD).

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DST-DERUST/3 is used for corrosion removal only, and can be used on clean items.

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Fast 2 Shell

Fast 2 Shell is a non-silcone based material. It is formulated expressly for investment casting and lost wax casting. It has been proven to eliminate the need for pattern washing prior to primary coating.

Klearcut 189

Klearcut 189 is chlorine free, heavy duty, active sulfur cutting oil designed for use in moderate to severe machining operations such as broaching, gear cutting, and threading of metals and alloys with low machineability ratings. Klearcut 189 contains a unique synergistic extreme pressure additive system that readily reacts at the chip-tool interface to form a very effective boundary lubricating film that reduces frictional heat and prevents metal-to-metal contact between the tool and metal piece. Klearcut 189 also contains fatty oil additive which increases lubricity and provides better surface finish on the work piece. Klearcut 189 has exceptional anti-wear and anti-weld properties which maximizes tool life and minimizes machine downtime.

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Klearcut 219

Klearcut 219 is a non-staining, medium viscosity, highly compounded metal removal fluid designed for screw machine applications and light lubricating operations. Klearcut 219 is developed for high surface speed machining of screw machining alloys. Klearcut 219 is effective on many ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

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