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MIL-L-21260E is preservative oil designed to provide long term protection of metal surfaces. This performance specification covers engine oils suitable for preservation, break-in, and lubrication of reciprocating internal combustion engines of both spark-ignition and compression-ignition types, and of power transmission fluid applications in equipment used in combat/tactical service.MIL-L-21260E is used as provided for internal metal protection. MIL-L-21260E can also be used for external metal protection by dipping the parts to be protected in a vat or spraying the parts to be protected with air sprayers, pump type sprayers or by pouring the product over the parts.

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Oxsilan 9831

Oxsilan 9831 is a silane-based, multi-purpose, liquid pre-paint treatment. It can be utilized in operations processing a wide range of iron, galvanized iron- and aluminium alloys. Oxsilan 9831 can replace low zinc-phosphate systems.

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Oxsilan 9832

Oxsilan 9832 is a silane-based, multi-purpose, liquid pre-paint treatment. It can be utilized in operations processing a wide range of iron, galvanized iron- and aluminum alloys.

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RUST-O-LEASE easily dismantles rusty machineries, bolts and nuts and all other fittings. It softens stubborn rust which helps quick dismantling without damaging parts. It has a very high penetrating power and quickly reaches the core where other fluids can never reach.It is useful in all workshops, garages, Ordinance Factories, Chemical Plants, Petroleum Refineries, Power Houses, Paper and sugar mills, Cold Storage Plants, Railways, Shipyards, Textile Mills etc and a must for all those who have machineries.

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SPEC SOL 143 is a blend of aliphatic solvents specifically formulated for heavy grease removal from machined metallic parts. SPEC SOL 143 is excellent in recirculation parts washers as it readily separates from water contamination. SPEC SOL 143 should be used as received. SPEC SOL 143 can be disposed as waste oil in accordance with local EPA regulations.

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Safe 'n Easy

Safe 'n Easy metal restorer is a specially formulated globe environmentally friendly product for cleaning metal surfaces. It is a concentrated product that quickly removes oxidation, hard water stains, rust, mineral deposits, grease and other contaminates from copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum and glass surfaces. It does not contain any bleach, abrasives, caustic, hydrofluoric or muriatic acid or petroleum distillates. It covers approximately 150-200 square feet per gallon.


TRIOBAN M 30 is an activated PDMS with high performance inert Substance.Effective release of the active ingredient takes place even at low temperatures, and a good antifoam effect is also achieved at elevated temperatures. TRIOBAN M 30 is thus suited for all Metal processing industries.

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TRIOBAN M 85's composition is having combination of Organo modified Siloxane with knock-down boosters. TRIOBAN M 85 is a 100% active product and shows excellent performance in the control of foams and maintains flowability of the end product at desired levels it also acts as Cooling Lubricants in metal working processes.

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Ultrasol 100

Ultrasol 100 is formulated for operations requiring superior cooling and load carrying characteristics. It is one of the first truly high-tech, low coast, general purpose cutting fluids designed to provide maximum operation with reduced costs.

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Zinc Sulfate

Zinc sulfate is the inorganic compound.It is used to supply zinc in animal feeds, fertilizers, and agricultural sprays,in making lithopone,in coagulation baths for rayon,in electrolyte for zinc plating,as a mordant in dyeing,as a preservative for skins and leather,and in medicine as an astringent and emitic.It is used as a catalyst in numerous chemical operations. In water treatment, Zinc Sulfate finds application as a corrosion inhibitor in cooling towers and municipal water systems. Zinc Sulfate also finds use in production of pigments, preservation and clarification of glue, in flame proofing compounds, as a mining flotation agent, in wood preservatives, in electro metallurgy and electro galvanizing.

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