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ALDOSAL ADS-F are salts compounded for use in removing oxides and smut films from aluminum and aluminum alloys depending on the type of alkaline cleaner used in the cleaning cycle. There are no nitric acid fumes to encounter with and there are no chromium salts present. A very uniform etch is produced on the surface leaving it free of oxides and smut, such that it can be anodized, chromated, spot-welded, electroplated or painted.

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ASFOCLEAN-390 is a special deburring compound suited for all kinds of steels and hardened steels. When used in vibrators, agitators, tumblers etc. it will remove all kind of scales, rust, burr and other loose deposits producing a very clean smooth surface. It is used for deburring, descaling and derusting of steel components.

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ASHBLAK RT-10 is a new revolutionary development in cold black finishing. It will impart jet black conversion coating to steels, cast iron and other ferrous metals at room-temperature. It is non-caustic, non-splattering, fast, safe and energy saving.

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Aquacid 108EX

Aquacid 108EX is an organophosphonate exhibiting excellent sequestration of metal ions at stoichiometric concentration and threshold inhibition of metal salt precipitation at sub-stoichiometric concentrations. Aquacid 108EX is incorporated in various chemical formulations for industrial water treatment, oil field, home care, industrial cleaners, metal treatment, electroplating, inks & construction chemicals.

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Aquacid 108NS

Aquacid 108NS is certified to NSF’s standards for drinking water applications as a scale inhibitor. Aquacid 108NS is an excellent inhibitor for CaCO3 and CaSO4 scales. It functions by threshold effect mechanism and is also an excellent chelating agent for heavy metals. Aquacid 108NS is primarily designed as an ingredient for reverse osmosis and thermal desalination plant anti-scalants. It can also be used as an ingredient for other water treatment and cleaner formulations that require NSF certified phosphonates as an ingredient.

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CONTROX E 230 is a highly effective amine-free hot paint stripper based on caustic potash solution and organic additives. It is suitable for the removal of stoved synthetic resin paints, EC-paints and polyester powder coatings, oil carbon and similar from parts made of iron, steel, magnesium and chemical resistant plastics. It is not suitable for aluminium and zinc parts. It contains inorganic and organic components for the application in immersion baths as well as in spraying equipments. Even at temperatures of 70 - 80 °C a good stripping effect is granted.

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ColaLube 3402

ColaLube 3402 is a low foaming; lard oil based alkanolamide that is dispersible in water, forming a chemical emulsion. It provides corrosion protection, antiwear, and EP properties in synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.

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ColaLube 3403

ColaLube 3403 is a tall oil based alkanolamide that is dispersible in water, forming a chemical emulsion. It provides corrosion protection and antiwear properties in synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.

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ColaLube 3404

ColaLube 3404 is an aliphatic phosphate ester that provides excellent corrosion inhibition, effective EP, and potent wetting / surface tension reduction properties in metalworking fluids. In its unneutralized form, it is soluble in naphthenic and paraffinic oil.

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ColaLube 3406

ColaLube 3406 is a very low foaming aromatic phosphate ester designed for synthetic metalworking fluids, especially grinding fluids. It provides good corrosion inhibition, lubricity, and wetting properties. Neutralization with alkanolamines is required before use.

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