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Aladdin RP1080

Aladdin RP1080 is an oil-dispersed, thixotropic, all-purpose rust preventive formulated to provide excellent protection against rust and oxidation. Because of its thixotropic characteristics, it has the ability to become fluid with agitation enabling the residual film to be self-healing. It has protected ferrous and nonferrous parts for up to 5 years in indoor storage and 2-3 years stored outdoors under certain conditions. It can be sprayed or brushed for even coating of the surfaces.

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Alumibond 1200

Alumibond 1200 is a concentrated powdered chemical process that produces a highly corrosion-resistant conversion coating on aluminum and aluminum alloys. The solution is easy to control and has excellent life. The color of the coating can be varied from light iridescent to dark yellow. This coating may be color dyed or used as a final finish or as a base for organic coatings.

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Aquacid 1086EX

Aquacid 1086EX is an organophosphonate compound possessing multifold properties like sequestration, deflocculation and threshold inhibition. Aquacid1086EX exhibits sequestration of metal ions at stoichiometric concentration and threshold inhibition of metal salt precipitation at substoichiometric concentrations. Aquacid 1086EX is also a good corrosion inhibitor for iron and aluminum especially when formulated with zinc salts and azoles.

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ArrowBend 70-R

ArrowBend 70-R is a heavy duty, versatile bending fluid that can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Its advantages include high film strength and extreme pressure properties to prevent galling, excellent load carrying characteristics, good versatility on a large variety of jobs and metals, as well as germicidal additives to prevent rancidity.

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CONTROX 249 DV is a cold paint remover on a solvent base and is used for removing hardened coatings on ferrous metal parts. It exhibits optimum paint-removing action when applied to stoved and air dried synthetic-resin paints, plastic coatings, stoved water based paints and hardened two-component paints. For reduction of evaporation losses it contains a wax-like cover layer, whose consistency changes between liquid and flaky to clumpy just depending on the ambient temperature.

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DST-DEGREEZ/M1 is a machine cleaner to clean the plant and neutralise inappropriate deposits before starting up with DST-DEGREEZ.

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Gardoclean 351

Gardoclean 351 is a strong alkaline, borate-free powder cleaner. It is suitable for steel and iron substrates.

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Gardolene D 65

Gardolene D 65 is a chromium (VI) passivate suitable for use on steel, aluminium and zinc-coated substrates. It is suited for spray-squeegee or dip-squeegee application (zinc-free).

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Nickel Nitrate

Nickel Nitrate is the chemical compound. Nickel compounds are used in plating, coloring ceramics, making some batteries, and as chemical reaction catalysts.

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PHOSCOAT - AVM is compound which produces a fine,crystalline,non-metallic corrosion resistant manganese phosphate coating.

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