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Gardolene D 65

Gardolene D 65 is a chromium (VI) passivate suitable for use on steel, aluminium and zinc-coated substrates. It is suited for spray-squeegee or dip-squeegee application (zinc-free).

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Gardolene V 6513

Gardolene V 6513 is an alkaline activator used prior to zinc phosphating on electro-galvanised, hot dip galvanized (HDG) and cold rolled steel (CRS) substrates (EG). It is suited to spray or dip applications.

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Gardolene V 6518

Gardolene V 6518 is a liquid, activating pre-rinsing agent for metal surfaces to be applied prior to zinc phosphating. It is suitable for iron materials, galvanized and hot-dip galvanized iron materials as well as aluminium and its alloys.

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Gardolene V 6522

Gardolene V 6522 is activating pre-rinsing agent for application on metal surfaces prior to phosphating with zinc-phosphate processes. It is suitable for iron materials, zinc, aluminum and their alloys.

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HAKUPUR 270 is a neutral liquid cleaner for the interoperational or final cleaning and deburring of non-ferrous and ferrous metals especially of magnesium alloys. It provides a temporary corrosion prevention if it is not rinsed with water afterwards and can generally be used in all types of spray-wash machines. The benefits are it has a wide application range even for removing lubricating greases, it has demulsifying effect for simple bath care and extended bath life-time and further it has excellent cleaning of sensitive surfaces which tend to staining.

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HAKUPUR 50-373-7

HAKUPUR 50-373-7 is used for the cleaning of corrosion sensitive metal surfaces. The properties are it is a mild alkaline special cleaner, it removes easily dust, grease, oil and graphite residues and further it leaves a temporary corrosion protection. The solution can be applied with a sponge, cloth, brush or by spraying device.

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Holmium Foil LAB GRADE 99.9%

holmium foil rare earth metal sheet 

Ho REM 99.9%

distillation method reduction method 

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Houghto-Color A-597

Houghto-Color A-597 is used for electrolytic coloring of anodized aluminum. It is a liquid tin-based electrolyte which is to be used as a second step after clear anodizing to produce various earth tones. It is possible to achieve shades from champagne to bronze to black. The product uses a special stabilizer system to minimize oxidation of the stannous tin.

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Houghto-Seal A-617

Houghto-Seal A-617 is cold seal designed to seal aluminum anodized parts at 90 °F. Parts sealed in Houghto-Seal A-617 will pass the Dye Stain Test immediately after drying, pass the Modified Dye Stain Test six hours after, pass the Acid Dissolution Test 24 hours after, and be fully cured in 28–30 days. Curing can be accelerated by a 150 °F deionized water rinse for five minutes after a first cold rinse after sealing and will pass the Modified Dye Stain and ADT tests once the work piece dries.

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Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is a very poisonous, flammable gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It often results from the bacterial breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, such as in swamps and sewers. It also occurs in volcanic gases, natural gas, and some well waters. The human body produces small amounts of H2S and uses it as a signaling molecule. Several organosulfur compounds are produced using hydrogen sulfide. Upon combining with alkali metal bases, hydrogen sulfide converts to alkali hydrosulfides such as sodium hydrosulfide and sodium sulfide, which are used in the degradation of biopolymers. Hydrogen sulfide used to have importance in analytical chemistry for well over a century, in the qualitative inorganic analysis of metal ions. In the purification of metal ores by flotation, mineral powders are often treated with hydrogen sulfide to enhance the separation.

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