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N-(carboxymethyl)-N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine is used in chemotherapeutic treatments for metal poisoning.

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NO RUST 7 is a blend of penetrants, acrylic converters and proprietary acids specially formulated to neutralize and convert existing rust and to form a durable, black protective barrier against corrosion. NO RUST 7 will serve as the primer coat for any type of coating suitable for the protection required for the metal surface. NO RUST 7 is formulated for use in areas that cannot be easily sandblasted such as new construction repair, behind bulkheads, or thin easily damaged surfaces.

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NO-RUST 2 is a fast-acting, acid-type compound that neutralizes alkaline residues. Through chemical action, NO-RUST 2 changes rust (iron oxide) into iron phosphate, an inert, hard, usually gray surface that provides a perfect base for most paints. NO-RUST 2 is an excellent metal treatment and rust remover, as well as a good brightener for copper, brass and aluminum. Rusty metal or new metal treated with NO-RUST 2 provide a tenacious phosphate film on the metal as an unexcelled base for most paints.

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Nafion is a sulfonated tetrafluoroethylene based fluoropolymer-copolymer. It is the first of a class of synthetic polymers with ionic properties. It has found use in fuel cells, electrochemical devices, chlor-alkali production, metal-ion recovery, water electrolysis, plating, surface treatment of metals, batteries, sensors, Donnan dialysis cells, drug release, gas drying or humidifaction, and superacid catalysis for the production of fine chemicals.

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Naphthenic Acid

Naphthenic acid is the name for an unspecific mixture of several cyclopentyl and cyclohexyl carboxylic acids with molecular weight of 120 to well over 700 atomic mass units. The main fraction are carboxylic acids with a carbon backbone of 9 to 20 carbons. The naphtha fraction of the crude oil refining is oxidized and yields naphthenic acid. The composition differs with the crude oil composition and the conditions during refining and oxidation. Naphthenic acids are used as a source material in the manufacture of corrosion inhibitors, wood preservatives, lubricant and fuel additives, driers for paints and inks, and in the production of metal soaps.

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Neo-Ecostrip 1877

Neo-Ecostrip 1877 is a water based decarboniser/paint stripper which is non toxic, user friendly and environmentally safe. It offers an excellent alternative to toxic chlorinated solvent products currently used in the engine re manufacturing industry. It is widely used for the removal of oxidisation from various aluminium components and the removal of paints in various automotive manufacturing and re manufacturing industries.

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Neo-Ecostrip 500

Neo-Ecostrip 500 is a water based paint stripper which is non toxic, user friendly and environmentally safe. It offers an excellent alternative to toxic chlorinated solvent products currently used to strip coatings. It will effectively remove a wide range of coatings including alkyd paints, lead based paints, urethanes, and varnish. Neo-Ecostrip 500 will also lift twin back and fusion bonded epoxies from a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, metal alloys and most plastics.

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Neodymium Target Purified 99.9%

neodymium target rare earth metal sputtering target

evaporation coating material, vacuum coating material

Nd 99.9% REM

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Neospray SL2000

Neospray SL2000 is a universal spray wash detergent ideal for the cleaning of ferrous and non ferrous components. This highly concentrate spray wash powdered detergent will remove a wide range of surface contaminants including carbonised oils, greases and various road films encountered in the automotive manufacturing and re manufacturing industries. It is used for the removal of oxidisation from various aluminium components.

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Nickel Nitrate

Nickel Nitrate is the chemical compound. Nickel compounds are used in plating, coloring ceramics, making some batteries, and as chemical reaction catalysts.

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