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Sodium Tellurite

Sodium tellurite is an inorganic tellurium compound. It is a weak reducing agent. It is an intermediate in the extraction of the element, tellurium; it is a mineral obtained from slimes and is a precursor to tellurium. It improves the corrosion resistance of electroplated nickel layers. Solutions of sodium tellurite are used for black or blue-black coatings on iron, steel, aluminum, and copper. In microbiology, sodium tellurite can be added to the growth medium to isolate bacteria with an inherent physiological resistance to its toxicity.

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Ultrasol 940 MSF

Ultrasol 940 MSF is a multipurpose fluid designed for your most difficult of operations. It is formulated to exhibit excellent lubricating and cooling functions for machining and grinding cast iron, steel and aluminum. Ultrasol 940 MSF has select lubricants that minimize tool wear by effectively lubricating the tool and work piece at a wide range of temperatures. Ultrasol 940 MSF is a water soluble fluid yet exhibits excellent cooling capacity because of its micro-emulsion characteristics.

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Zirconium Boride

Zirconium boride is a gray coloured powder used in pharma industry as antioxidants.

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n-Propyl Bromide

n-Propyl bromide is a non-flammable chemical compound. It is an organic solvent used for the cleaning of metal surfaces, removal of soldering residues from electronic circuit boards, and as an adhesive solvent. It has a characteristic hydrocarbon odor. It has seen increased use as a solvent for vapor degreasing of metals in industrial processes, defluxing of electronic circuit cards to remove flux, ionics, and particulates, also used as a diluent in the manufacturing of medicinal tablets, an extraction agent for the purification of herbs and natural plant extracts, and in some countries it is used in adhesive formulations and as a solvent in aerosol formulations.

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Aluminum Chloride

Aluminium chloride is the main compound of aluminium and chlorine. It is mainly produced and consumed in the production of aluminium metal, but large amounts are also used in other areas of chemical industry. Aluminium chloride is often cited as a Lewis acid. It is an example of an inorganic compound that "cracks" at mild temperature, reversibly changing from a polymer to a molecule. It finds widespread application in the chemical industry as a catalyst for Friedel–Crafts reactions, both acylations and alkylations. Important products are detergents and ethylbenzene. It also finds use in polymerization and isomerization reactions of hydrocarbons and it can often used as a component of antiperspirant in low doses.

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Aristonate C-5020

Aristonate C-5020 is a high performance low overbased sulfonate that offers corrosion inhibition and demulsification.

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ArrowCool SOL-830

ArrowCool SOL-830 is a high performance, multi-metal compatible soluble oil. It is developed for heavy duty machining and grinding of all common ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Further it is free from chlorine, sulphur and halogen.

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CIMSTAR 10-565VLC is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid which was developed for use on ferrous and most non-ferrous materials. It can be used on mild steels, stainless steels, hardened steels, exotic materials and most aluminum alloys. It should not be used on magnesium alloys.

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ColaLube 3418 EPL

ColaLube 3418 EPL is a soluble oil emulsifier base designed to emulsify low viscosity naphthenic and paraffinic oils in the viscosity range of 70 to 600 SUS at 100° F.

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DANSOCLEAN A 2100 is a liquid,weak alkaline heavy duty cleaner with corrosion protection for iron to remove heavy contamination, foam free above 60°C.

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