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DECORRDAL AL 33-1 is a liquid, single component chromating agent for immersion and spray process. The properties are it forms on aluminium and galvanized parts a chromate layer which protects from corrosion and improves the paint adhesion and further it provides an intensive yellow layer, depending on the kind of aluminium alloy. Prior to chromating the parts have to be degreased or pickled.

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MSR Met Saver 213

MSR Met Saver 213 is an inhibitor for Hydrochloric acid, Hydrofluoric acids or combinations of above acids for Ferrous & Non Ferrous pickling/Industrial cleaning at room or elevated temperature.

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MSR Met Saver HCS

MSR Met Saver HCS is an inhibitor for continuous Hydrochloric acid pickling for Ferrous Metals at room or mild temperture.

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Neo-Ecostrip 1877

Neo-Ecostrip 1877 is a water based decarboniser/paint stripper which is non toxic, user friendly and environmentally safe. It offers an excellent alternative to toxic chlorinated solvent products currently used in the engine re manufacturing industry. It is widely used for the removal of oxidisation from various aluminium components and the removal of paints in various automotive manufacturing and re manufacturing industries.

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PHOSCOAT - AVT-20 is a self accelerated zinc calcium phosphating compound for steel surfaces in hot process.

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PHOSCOAT - AVZ-20 is used to provide a fine zinc calcium phosphate coating on steel in hot process.

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PHOSCOAT - AVZ-30 is a compound for providing zinc phosphate coating on steel surface in hot process.

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PHOSCOAT - AVZ-40 is a product for providing thick coarse zinc phosphate coating on steel for corrosion resistance.

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PHOSCOAT - AVZ-70 is produces a highly lubricant absorbent crystalline zinc phosphate coating facilitating wire drawing operations.

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