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Potassium Cyanate

Potassium Cyanate is used in the synthesis for the target molecules such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, textile softener, lubricants and industrial disinfectants. It is used as plastic additives and as heat treatment salt formulations for metals.

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Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate occurs as a mineral niter and is a natural solid source of nitrogen. Major uses of potassium nitrate are in fertilizers, rocket propellants and fireworks. It is also used as a food additive. It is also commonly used in the heat treatment of metals as a solvent in the post-wash. The oxidizing, water solubility and low cost make it an ideal short-term rust inhibitor. It is also used as chemical raw material for glass and ceramic industry.

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Propargyl Alcohol

Propargyl alcohol is an organic compound which is a simple alcohol containing an alkyne functional group. It may be polymerized by either heat or base. It is used as a corrosion inhibitor, a metal complex solution, a solvent stabilizer and an electroplating brightener additive. It is also used as an intermediate in organic synthesis.

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RP Inhibitor 500P

RP Inhibitor 500P is a highly concentrated powdered rust inhibitor for use on ferrous metals. It can be used by immersion or spray at concentrations as low as 0.5 oz./gallon. It provides excellent indoor corrosion protection and contains nitrites.

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Sodium Persulfate

Sodium persulfate is a chemical compound. It is a strong oxidizer. It is almost non-hygroscopic and has particularly good ability to be stored for long time. It is easy and safe to handle. It is not combustible, but releases oxygen easily and assists combustion of other materials. It is used as a bleach, both standalone and as a detergent component. It is a replacement for ammonium persulfate in etching mixtures for zinc and printed circuit boards, and is used for pickling of copper and some other metals. It is a source of free radicals, making it useful as a radical initiator for emulsion polymerization reactions and for accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesives. It is also used as a soil conditioner and in manufacture of dyestuffs, modification of starch, bleach activator, desizing agent for oxidative desizing, etc.

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o-Dichlorobenzene is an organic compound. It is a derivative of benzene, consisting of two adjacent chlorine centers. It is mainly used as a precursor to 1,2-dichloro-4-nitrobenzene, an intermediate in the synthesis of agrochemicals. In terms of niche applications, 1,2-dichlorobenzene is a versatile, high-boiling solvent. It is a preferred solvent for dissolving and working with fullerenes. It is an insecticide for termites and locust borers. It is also used in softening and removing carbon-based contamination on metal surfaces.

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Aluminium Fluoride

Aluminium Fluoride a high purity, free flowing and dust free powder, is produced with modern technology by reacting dry Alumina Hydrate with Hydro-fluosilicic acid, generated from the fluorine recovery unit of the adjoining fertilizer complex. Aluminium Fluoride is added as a flux in the process of primary Aluminium Production.This is of critical importance as it lowers electricity consumption during the smelting process. Consequently, primary Aluminium Smelters are the biggest users of Aluminium Fluoride. Aluminium Fluoride used for making flux tablets to purify metal in foundries.

Chem Alum Etch 400

Chem Alum Etch 400 is a granular, alkaline product for producing a fine satin etch on aluminum and its alloys. This aluminum etchant has an outstanding sequestering action to prevent build up of scale on tank walls and heating coils. It is effective over a broad range of operating parameters.

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DECORRDAL AL 45 ST is together with TONER AL 45 ST a 2-component chromating agent for the treatment of aluminium and its alloys prior to a painting. DECORRDAL AL 45 ST and TONER AL 45 ST form on aluminium and its alloys a chromate-fluoride-phosphate layer which protects against corrosion and improves the paint adhesion. The colour of this layer varies depending on the alloy and the treating time between green-iridescent and dark green.

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Deburring Compound

Deburring Compound is a moderately acidic finishing compound specifically formulated to achieve optimum color and bright surfaces. It is normally used with steel media for burnishing or deburring ferrous and non-ferrous metals in flow through vibratory finishing operations. It can also be used with other media in specific cut-down operations. Deburring Compound contains no harsh ingredients. When used as directed, Deburring Compound will provide maximum life to steel media and thus can save thousands of dollars in media replacement cost.

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