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PAINT STRIPPER - AV is remove old paint from the surface of metal in cold. It can be used by both brush and dip methods.

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Polyricinoleic Acid

Polyricinoleic Acid can be formulated with a wide range of oils, surfactants and oil soluble materials. Polyricinoleic Acid is formulated using supreme class ingredients and modern techniques by our team of skilled professionals as per the set industry norms at our state-of-the-art processing unit. It is oxidatively stable, nonvolatile and readily biodegradable. It can be used in Metal working as lubricants, viscosity modifier Intermediate as Polyol esters.

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Rust Inhibitor 1438

Rust Inhibitor 1438 is a fast drying liquid rust inhibitor commonly used after cleaning, pickling, plating or phosphating. It does not contain nitrites. It is used at 1-5% by volume and heated to 140-160°F to help facilitate drying. It leaves a non-measurable film that does not affect the original brightness or luster of the part.

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Sodium Percarbonate

Sodium percarbonate is a adduct of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. It is an oxidizing agent and it is used as additives in synthetic detergent and cleaning agent for daily use.It is used as bleaching, dying and finishing agents in textile industry. It is used as bleaching agent in papermaking industry. It is also used as sterilizing agent for tableware, metal surface treatengt agent, bactericide, scale and bad smell remover.

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Trisodium Phosphate

Trisodium phosphate is a cleaning agent, food additive, stain remover and degreaser. It is used as an ingredient in fluxes designed to deoxygenate nonferrous metals for casting. It can be used in ceramic production to lower the flow point of glazes.

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sodium selenite 99

Tirupati Industries (India) Limited manufactures high quality SODIUM SELENITE in various grades Commercial, LR, AR. 

The product can also be customized to the specific requirements of our customers. 

Hypophosphorous Acid

Hypophosphorous acid is a phosphorus oxoacid and a powerful reducing agent. Hypophosphorous Acid is used as a Bleaching agent, Neutralizing agent and Wetting agent,Pharmaceutical Stimulant,Chemical Intermediate,Antioxidant, Catalyst for Alkyd Resin for used in all oil base decorative paints.


2-Mercaptobenzoxazole is used in the surface treatment of materials, used in the protection of metals from corrosion.

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Ammonium Thiosulphate

Ammonium thiosulphate is an inorganic compound. It is used in photographic fixers and for leaching of gold and silver. It can be used as an fertilizer too. As suggested by some research studies it can be used as an additive to coal-waste mixtures to reduce formation of very dangerous dioxins and furans. It is also used in chemical analysis.

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MSR Met Cleaner - HDF

MSR Met Cleaner - HDF heavy duty cleaner for Ferrous Metals. It removes thick layer of oil and grease at elevated temperture.

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