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MSR Met Cleaner - MDF

MSR Met Cleaner - MDF is a medium duty cleaner for Ferrous Metals.MSR Met Cleaner also removes moderate deposits of oil and grease in hot or at room temperature.

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RUSTICLEAN - AV - 125 is an acid detergent solvent metal cleaner and rust remover to be used in cold prior to phosphating.

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RUSTICLEAN - AV - 170 is an acid detergent metal cleaner and rust remover to be used in hot prior to phosphating.

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RUSTICLEAN - AV - 500 is used for removing mill scale & heat treatment scales simultaneously along with rust prior to phosphating.

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Palladium(II) Chloride

Palladium(II) Chloride is a common starting material in palladium chemistry – palladium-based catalysts are of particular value in organic synthesis. It is prepared by chlorination of palladium. Palladium(II) chloride is prepared by dissolving palladium metal in aqua regia or hydrochloric acid in the presence of chlorine. Palladium(II) chloride is a common starting point in the synthesis of other palladium compounds. It is not particularly soluble in water or non-coordinating solvents, so the first step in its utilization is often the preparation of labile but soluble Lewis base adducts, such as those derived from acetonitrile or benzonitrile. Palladium(II) chloride is sometimes used in carbon monoxide detectors.

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Potassium Ferricyanide

Potassium ferricyanide is a chemical compound. The compound has widespread use in blueprint drawing and in photography. Iron and copper toning involve the use of potassium ferricyanide. It is used as an oxidizing agent to remove silver from negatives and positives, a process called dot etching. In color photography, potassium ferricyanide is used to reduce the size of color dots without reducing their number, as a kind of manual color correction. The compound is also used to harden iron and steel, in electroplating, dyeing wool, as a laboratory reagent, and as a mild oxidizing agent in organic chemistry. It is also used in photography with sodium thiosulfate to reduce the density of a negative where the mixture is known as Farmer's reducer; this can help offset problems from overexposure.

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Mercaptobenzothiazole is an organic compound from the group of heteroaromatic compounds. It is often used as rubber accelerators and antioxidants in the manufacture of rubber products used. It is used in fungicide, in veterinary preparations and in industrial cutting oils. It also find application as a stabilizer in the photo industry, as a reagent for the determination of metals in the quantitative analysis and as an adjuvant in the electrochemical coating of metal surfaces.

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Cocamide Diethanolamine

Cocamide Diethanolamine is a diethanolamide made by reacting the mixture of fatty acids from coconut oils with diethanolamine.It is used as a foaming agent,thickening agent,emulsifying agent.It is also used in the preparation of metal antirust paint stripped detergent,metal abrasive materials,dewaxing,printing ink.

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Difluorophosphoric Acid

Difluorophosphoric acid is used as chemical polishing agent and protective coating for metal surfaces. Difluorophosphoric acid also acts as a catalyst.

Iron (III) Ferrocyanide

Iron (III) ferrocyanide is used in black and bluish inks.It is used in pigments.It is also a popular pigment in paints.It is the basis for laundry bluing.It has been used as an antidote for certain kinds of heavy metal poisoning.

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